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Hemp Oil is a remedy that is becoming a must-try product and accessible alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals. The fitness community has praised Hemp Oil’s benefits, especially those who like to stay active and feel their best. Competitors and fitness fanatics are always looking for new and improved ways to help them perform to the best of their abilities. From yoga lovers to full-time athletes, Hemp Oil’s beneficial properties may help in a variety of ways they never thought possible.

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp Oil is also known as Hemp Extract, a substance derived from Cannabis plants. Hemp Oil is generally rich in Cannabidiol (CBD) and can be referred to as CBD-rich Hemp Oil or Hemp-derived CBD Oil. At Nature’s Script, we extract our CBD Hemp Oil from premium-grade Industrial Hemp. Hemp Oil is highly versatile in its uses, and it is commonly featured in products such as oils, rubs, and gummies. Hemp Oil has gained attention for the way it positively interacts with your body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

The ECS is a biological system made up of neurological endocannabinoid receptors. These receptors control functions in your body such as appetite, pain response, recovery time, mood and sleep. All of these functions are essential to staying active. Hemp Oil has the potential to impact your ECS in a beneficial manner.

How is Hemp Oil Beneficial to Staying Active?

Staying active promotes a healthier lifestyle and a more improved “you.” Taking the wrong supplements or medications can adversely affect your performance and body composition. A premium product, Hemp Oil has the potential to provide numerous benefits and help you recover faster without any damaging properties. Whether you like to swim, bike, or play basketball, Hemp Oil’s benefits are for you.

1.) Pre-Workout Anxiety

Hemp Oil may help you if you suffer from pre-workout anxiety. Half the battle of staying active is getting yourself up to go work out. Working out can be daunting when you dread going on that late, after-work run or fear going to an overcrowded gym. Hemp Oil may be able to provide anxiety relief and promote calmness and ease of mind. Having a clear state of mind going into a workout can make all the more difference.


2.) Game-Day Anxiety 

After you have gone through all your preparation to get to game day, you may still have jitters and stress. You put in all the work necessary, but nothing can prepare you for when you step on the playing surface. A few drops of Hemp Oil before a big game may help calm nerves and provide relief from game-day-induced anxiety.


3.) Reduced Irritation

Irritation in the muscles is the body’s natural immune response to protect itself from harm. If you continuously stay active, you may be more susceptible to injury and infections that may lead to excess irritation. Research has shown that Hemp Oil has powerful properties that may help provide relief. Nature’s Script Hemp Extract Pain Rub have the potential to soothe and eliminate areas of irritation throughout your body.

4.) Recovery

Hemp Oil is a premium supplement, without any known side effects, that can take your workout recovery to the next level. Hemp Oil may help maintain homeostasis by supporting your Endocannabinoid System. Homeostasis helps sustain your muscles and immune system recovery. Hemp Oil has the potential to help you recover quicker and get you back to staying active.


5.) Lifestyle Advantage

Hemp is a plant-based source chock-full of fatty acids. When Hemp Oil is extracted, it contains some of these fatty acids that are essential to your body’s energy production. Since humans do not naturally produce fatty acids, we must obtain it through external sources. Hemp Oil has the potential to provide you with a number of beneficial health and wellness boosts.

Nature's Script Products Helpful to Staying Fit

Hemp OilNature’s Script Hemp Oil is derived from premium Hemp and is intended to promote overall health and wellness. Taken under the tongue, or sublingually, Hemp Oil may provide those who stay active with relief from anxiety, irritation and discomfort, as well as help promote a tranquil state of mind. Hemp Oil affects everyone differently, but with Nature’s Script's various concentration levels and easy-to-use droppers, you control which amount is best for you.

Hemp Extract Pain Gel – A topical solution designed for advanced cooling pain relief, Nature’s Script Pain Relief Gel is the perfect product for post-workout recovery. Blended with Camphor Oil and Aloe Vera, our Hemp Pain Gel can be rubbed on muscles or joints to relieve discomfort. Nature’s Script Pain Gel is intended to provide long-lasting, soothing relief from pain and irritation.

Hemp Extract Gummies – A fun and tasty way to attain Hemp Oil’s benefits, Nature’s Script Gummies are great for post-activity and nighttime recovery. Packed with a potent serving of Hemp Extract, our Hemp Gummies have the potential to promote overall wellness for mental and physical health.

What are You Waiting For? Get Active Now.

At Nature’s Script, we want to provide you with the many benefits of the Hemp plant. Using suitable methods, our Industrial Hemp is grown with clean soil, free of any toxins, heavy metals or pesticides. We confirm the quality of our Hemp Extract through unbiased third-party lab tests. Nature’s Script is devoted to helping you stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle through our wide range of Hemp Extract products.

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