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Can CBD Help Combat Fibromyalgia?

CBD for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia proves to be one of the most puzzling disorders, as researchers are still trying to pinpoint its exact causes. Since fibromyalgia is a difficult disorder to diagnose, many have a hard time trying to find the right therapy to combat its symptoms of widespread muscle pain and fatigue. Recently, CBD has become one remedy showing promise in relieving the mental and physical ailments that characterize fibromyalgia. Below you will find more information about this condition and how CBD for fibromyalgia is a potential option to help manage its symptoms.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a condition categorized by widespread musculoskeletal pain and can be classified as a psychosomatic disorder. Psychosomatic disorders often originate from mental strain or stress that eventually lead to physical pain or illness. Research shows that fibromyalgia disrupts signals sent between your brain and nervous system causing pain sensations to become more severe. Symptoms of fibromyalgia often arise from physical trauma, surgery, infection or significant psychological stress. Over time, these symptoms may worsen and accumulate. While there is no cure for fibromyalgia, there are medications and exercise techniques that can alleviate its symptoms.


Common symptoms of fibromyalgia include:

  • Widespread muscle and joint pain – Fibromyalgia may reduce pain tolerance and cause relentless aches throughout the entire body.
  • Constant fatigue – People diagnosed with fibromyalgia report that they wake up tired and have sleep disrupted due to the discomfort.
  • Insomnia or trouble sleeping – Continuous nerve pain hinders one’s capacity to fall asleep and get a full night’s rest.
  • Loss of focus (known as “fibro fog”) – Pain sensations inhibit the ability to think clearly, maintain attention and concentrate.

What Causes Fibromyalgia?

As mentioned in the opening statement, doctors aren’t precisely sure what causes fibromyalgia. Current research shows that the condition arises from a variety of factors. The leading fibromyalgia causes include:

  • Genetics – Family history of fibromyalgia increases your likelihood of developing the disorder.
  • Prior Health Concerns – Previous painful diseases or infections can lead to fibromyalgia’s development.
  • Physical or emotional trauma – PTSD, surgery, mood disorders, car accidents and more can trigger fibromyalgia.

How is Fibromyalgia Commonly Treated?

Since there is no cure for fibromyalgia, it requires both medication and self-care to control its symptoms. Over time, the combination of these two treatments can help limit the way your brain sends and receives pain signals. Treatments include:

  • Medications – Pain relievers, anti-depressants and anti-seizure drugs
  • Therapy – Physical therapy, regular exercise and counseling

Can CBD Help Combat Fibromyalgia?

CBD has the potential to combat fibromyalgia due to the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Earlier in the article, we touched on the fact that fibromyalgia is a psychosomatic disorder, which directly relates to Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CED). When your body doesn’t produce enough endocannabinoids, it causes mental and physical imbalances. These imbalances result in psychological factors that cause physical symptoms. CED can lead to emotional trauma or stress that then causes the widespread muscle pain that fibromyalgia patients face.

Introducing CBD into your daily regimen may help your body produce a consistent level of endocannabinoids to carry out the ECS’s functions. When your ECS functions properly, it allows your brain and nervous system to send signals accurately.  CBD also possesses natural anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiolytic properties that can help combat the muscle inflammation and mental strain that characterizes fibromyalgia.

Studies on CBD and Fibromyalgia

In 2016, a study was published regarding Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency and its connection to treatment-resistant syndromes such as fibromyalgia. Current research identifies that evidence of CED is present in fibromyalgia patients. Studying the body’s spinal cord and its use of endocannabinoids showed that neuropathic pain occurred in patients with low levels of endocannabinoids. Patients with fibromyalgia who were introduced to cannabinoids during the study saw a significant decrease in their pain and stiffness, as well as an enhancement of relaxation and their overall wellbeing.

A more recent study in 2019 tested the effects of Cannabidiol in rats with chronic muscle pain disorders. The results showed that the injection of CBD provided relief for similar fibromyalgia symptoms without any central side effects.

Nature's Script Recommendation to Fibromyalgia Patients

CBD affects everyone differently, so when it comes to CBD for fibromyalgia, you may need a trial and error period. Some CBD products work better for others, similar to how certain medications are either effective or noneffective. We recommend combining our CBD Oil, CBD Pain Freeze and CBD Capsules for the best possible results. Our premium CBD Oil can be taken throughout the day to combat muscle and joint pain while also providing a clearer state of mind. Nature’s Script CBD Pain Freeze is a perfect topical solution to cool and reduce joint and muscle pains at any time. Taking our CBD Capsules before bed may help alleviate relentless aches that keep you up at night.

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