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nature's script premium cbd bundles

Our CBD Bundles are currently OUT OF STOCK. We are sorry for this inconvenience and will have them available again soon.

Nature’s Script CBD Bundles contain all of our premium CBD products you will need to maintain your total health and wellness. Choose from either our Sample CBD Bundle, Best-Seller’s Bundle or our Lifestyle Bundle. Each of our bundles save you the hassle of trying to pick the right product, all at a discounted price. If it is your first-time trying CBD, we recommend our Sample CBD Bundle to help get you accustomed to CBD and its effects.

Our Best Seller’s Bundle contains all of your favorite Nature’s Script products in one complete care package. Our Lifestyle CBD Bundle comes packed with the necessary CBD products you will need to boost your health and conquer the day. At Nature’s Script, we to strive to offer the highest quality CBD products that will help enrich your active lifestyle. Get the best bang for your buck and experience total relaxation and comfort with our premium CBD Bundles.


Sample CBD Bundles

Retail Value: $79.95

On Sale: $69.99


Sample CBD Bundle Includes: 

  • 5-Count CBD Gummies
  • 5-Count CBD Capsules
  • 1oz CBD Pain Gel
  • 75mg CBD E-Liquid
  • 100mg CBD Syrup

Best Sellers CBD Bundles

Retail Value: $174.95

On Sale: $149.99

Best Sellers Bundle Includes: 

  • 15-Count CBD Gummies
  • 15-Count CBD Capsules
  • 300mg CBD E-Liquid
  • 300mg CBD Oil
  • 1oz CBD Pain Gel


Lifestyle CBD Bundles

Retail Value: $304.94

On Sale: $249.99


Lifestyle CBD Bundle Includes: 

  • 600mg CBD Oil
  • 30-Count CBD Gummies
  • 30-Count CBD Capsules
  • 4oz CBD Pain Gel
  • 300mg CBD E-Liquid
  • 100mg CBD Syrup