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Nature’s Script CBD Patches are easy-to-use and fast-acting. Peel, stick and place the adhesive on your skin for long-lasting relief. Available in Pain, Sleep and Hangover varieties – our CBD Patches are specially formulated for your targeted use. Each Patch pack contains a total of 100mg of CBD and other natural ingredients to enhance its effects. You can apply our adhesives to your desired area of relief and wear them for up to 8 to 12 hours. CBD adhesives allow your body to absorb the full concentration of CBD, an alternative advantage to ingesting or inhaling CBD.

Recover, Relax, Restore

CBD Pain Patch

Mange your lifestyle with the power of the patch. Formulated with Menthol and Lidocaine, our CBD Pain Patches provide a cooling and soothing relief. Nature’s Script CBD Pain Patches pack comes with 2 transdermal adhesives containing 50mg of CBD per adhesive. The versatility of our adhesives allows you to target specific areas of discomfort. CBD adhesives penetrate deep and last longer than other CBD topicals proving greater potential.

CBD Sleep Patch

Get ready to catch some Z’s with our CBD Sleep Patch. Our CBD Sleep pack comes with 6 transdermal adhesives, each containing 17mg of CBD. Nature's Script Sleep Patches also contain melatonin to help relieve troubles with sleeping. CBD Sleep adhesisves absorb quickly so you don’t have to worry about tossing and turning throughout the night. The addition of melatonin helps encourage a natural and healthy night’s rest.

CBD Hangover Patch

Don’t let your night of fun ruin your next day. Nature’s Script CBD Hangover Patches are crafted with Green Tea, B-1 and B complex to revitalize your postparty recovery. Green tea offers liver support and has the potential to decrease blood alcohol concentration. B-1 and B-1 complex provide essential nutrients to help restore the body’s balance. Our Hangover variation comes in a pack of 4 and each adhesive contains 25mg of CBD. Regain your focus and peace of mind with our CBD Hangover Patches.