CBD Pet Products

Nature's Script offers premium CBD pet products to benefit your furry friend's overall health and wellness. Our CBD Pet Oil and CBD Dog Biscuits both use CBD derived from Industrial Hemp grown on American farms. Just like with our human CBD products, we maintain the highest quality standards when sourcing and manufacturing our CBD for pets to ensure they receive a beneficial product for their health that is clean and potent.

We know you care about the quality of the ingredients your pet eats, which is why we place such an emphasis on our in-house formulation, manufacturing and lab-testing processes to ensure you can trust the CBD products you give to your pet. Our specially formulated CBD pet products also give your pet more options to obtain their wellness needs in a tasty way.

Whether you choose CBD Pet Oil or Dog Biscuits, your furry friend can potentially experience the many health and wellness benefits of our premium CBD, including calm and relaxation and anxiety relief, whether it's caused by a trip to the vet, loud noises in the neighborhood, a long car ride or any other stressful situations. 

CBD Pet Oil – We craft our Pet CBD Oil with your pet's wellness in mind. Our Pet Oil contains premium CBD and natural carrier oils to ensure your pet receives the full benefits of CBD. You can give your pet our oil sublingually, under the tongue, or drop it onto their food. Your pet will love the delicious taste of our Pet CBD Oil too – choose from either chicken or beef flavoring. 

CBD Dog Biscuits – Our CBD Dog Biscuits are a tasty treat for all dog breeds and sizes. Each biscuit contains 10mg of premium CBD to help provide your pup with a calming relaxation. Our CBD dog treats are also gluten and grain-free because we know that quality ingredients are a important when it comes to providing your canine with premium CBD pet products. 





Nature’s Script offers premium pet products that include CBD Pet Oils and CBD Dog Biscuits. Our pet products are infused with CBD – a natural compound extracted from the Industrial Hemp plant. CBD carries beneficial properties that may encourage comfort and relaxation for your pet.

Giving your pet CBD has the potential to benefit their overall health and wellness. Similar to humans, dogs and cats have Endocannabinoid Systems that maintains vital functions throughout their bodies. Adding CBD to your furry friend’s daily regimen can help encourage the proper functioning of these systems and help ease separation, travel, vet and grooming anxiety and mild discomforts.

No, Nature’s Script CBD pet products will not get your four-legged friend high. Due to THC’s toxicity to pets, we ensure that our products contain less than 0.3% THC, which is not enough to cause adverse effects. Instead, CBD is a safe and non-psychoactive compound that carries calming properties, so you can feel completely confident giving your pet CBD.

Nature’s Script CBD products are available in thousands of stores nationwide, and you may be able to find our selection of pet products at pet-friendly locations. If you want the easiest way to purchase CBD products for your pets, look no further than our online shop.