CBD Relaxation Shot

CBD Relaxation Shot

Nature's Script CBD Relaxation Shot is a delicious portable drink designed to deliver peace of mind. We craft our CBD Shot with your overall health and wellness in mind to help potentially provide the ultimate relaxation after a long day. Our CBD Shot contains premium CBD and other high-grade ingredients like White Willow Bark, melatonin and Passiflora to promote an encompassing calm and feeling of peace. Whether you need a quick, easy way to find calm and relaxation after a long day at work, after you hit the gym or at any other time, try a CBD Shot from Nature's Script for a convenient, on-the-go boost to your overall health and wellness.

CBD Relaxation Shot Benefits

On-the-Go Relaxation

Whether you’re catching a plane flight or under extreme stress, our CBD Shot is here to provide you with an encompassing calm. A portable bottle makes it easy to take anywhere you go, so no matter where you are, make sure to have our CBD Shot on hand to access CBD's benefits.


Mixed or taken on its own, our Hemp Extract Relaxation Shot effects are sure to be long lasting. Since you ingest our CBD Shot, its contents remain in your system much longer. If you are continuously irritated by nagging stress or are having trouble finding a calm, relaxed state of mind, the effects of our premium CBD may provide extended relief.

Potential to Improve Sleep

Nature's Script CBD Shots pack an effective CBD serving of 75mg and melatonin to help even the worst sleepers. The soothing properties of our CBD Relaxation Shot may help calm your mind and body for an optimal night's rest. We recommend taking it before bed to experience full tranquility.

How Do I Take a CBD Relaxation Shot?

A Nature's Script CBD Shot represents a single serving size. However, you can easily split a shot into two or more servings. CBD affects everyone differently based on factors such as metabolism rate, weight, gender and age, so you can start by taking just half a bottle and sealing it again for later use to determine how it makes you feel.  As with any CBD product, start slow with a small amount and you can always increase your intake later.

CBD Relaxation Shot FAQ

Nature’s Script Relaxation Shot is a portable drink that you can take on the go whenever you need to obtain the benefits of CBD. Our CBD Shot contains 75 milligrams of premium CBD and other beneficial ingredients, including white willow bark, turmeric, melatonin and passiflora. Our relaxation shot comes in a delicious fruit punch flavor.

The collection of quality ingredients in our CBD Shot has the potential to provide relaxation. CBD carries calming properties that can ease stress and promote peace of mind. Nature’s Script’s CBD Shot allows you to obtain natural relaxation in an easy-to-use, portable drink. If it’s your first time trying our relaxation shot, we recommend taking it at home, as it contains melatonin and may cause you to feel drowsy.

Simply peel the perforated wrapper, twist off the cap and consume at your convenience.

No, Nature’s Script CBD Shot will not get you high. Our CBD Shot contains less than 0.3% THC, which is not enough to cause psychoactive effects. Drinking our relaxation shot will provide a sense of calmness rather than the “high” often associated with marijuana.