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Wholesale CBD is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable commodity industries in the world. Become a CBD distributor with Nature's Script, and partner with a leading brand within the CBD industry, with quality, lab-tested products, strategic marketing and in-house manufacturing. We continue to dedicate our time to the needs of our wholesale business partners, and we help drive sales and consumer demand.

Become a CBD Distributor

Premium CBD and High-Quality Ingredients

Nature's Script is an industry-leading CBD brand, recognized for our premium CBD and ingredients used in our products. We proudly source our high-quality Industrial Hemp from eco-friendly farms. Our Hemp is grown in soil free of toxins, heavy metals or any other chemicals to ensure a premium cannabinoid. Along with botanicals and our proprietary formulas, we can offer you an array of superior CBD products beneficial to your health.

Verified Third-Party Lab Tests

While we take precautionary measures throughout the sourcing and extraction of our CBD, Nature's Script goes the extra mile to verify our CBD products through third-party lab tests. Independent third-party lab tests certify the potency and quality of our CBD. We are proud to share our lab tests and make them accessible to you online.

In-House Manufacturing

Our commitment to excellence doesn't stop at our premium CBD products. All of our manufacturing processes occur in-house, allowing us to oversee all aspects of packaging. In-house manufacturing helps us meet distributor and stores needs in a timely fashion. You'll never deal with back orders, and you will always have products to sell, a staple in building customer relationships.

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