CBD Syrup

Our premium CBD Syrup is concentrated with valuable health benefits, which may include anxiety relief, sleep support, and the promotion of calm and balance. Nature’s Script Hemp Syrup also includes extracts from other botanicals to help create a lasting sense of relaxation. You can personalize your Hemp Extract, or CBD, serving by measuring out your syrup to your liking. Whether you take our syrup on its own or mix it with your favorite drink, you’ll enjoy the light fruit punch flavor without a medicinal aftertaste. Like all Nature’s Script products, the CBD in our Hemp Syrup is derived from superior-quality Industrial Hemp and is thoroughly lab tested to ensure potency and quality. In fact, we post the results of our third-party lab test results on our website so it's easy for you to look up your product and see exactly what's in it. At Nature's Script, we want to be transparent about our products and educate you on their benefits, so that you can trust the quality of our Syrup and other CBD Products.

Hemp Syrup Benefits

Nature's Script Hemp Syrup offers the many health and wellness benefits of premium CBD in a simple, easy-to-take format. Available in a tasty fruit punch flavor, our Syrup can be added to any of your favorite drinks for a boost to your sense of calm and relaxation, anxiety relief and overall feelings of wellness and balance. CBD affects everyone differently based on age, gender, weight and other factors, so it's best to start with just a small serving and increase your intake as you get accustomed to the CBD effects you feel. Once you find your appropriate amount, you can take your Nature's Script Hemp Syrup with you on the go and add it to a drink whenever you need it - it's just that easy!

CBD Syrup Benefits


Nature’s Script Hemp Syrup is a refreshing, fruit punch-flavored drink that you can take on its own or mix with your favorite beverage to obtain your daily CBD needs. Our Hemp syrup features 100 milligrams of premium CBD per bottle, along with other natural botanicals. You can split our Syrup into multiple servings to suit your preference.

Drinking our Hemp Syrup encourages relaxation thanks to the calming properties of CBD. Nature’s Script Syrup also contains white willow bark to ease discomfort and the sleep aid, melatonin, to support a natural night’s sleep. While our collection of high-quality ingredients may help your body and mind feel relaxed, the melatonin in our syrup may cause you to feel tired.

No, drinking Nature’s Script Syrup will not cause you to feel “high.” CBD is a non-psychoactive compound and will provide you with a sense of relaxation, rather than intoxication. Our Hemp Syrup contains less than 0.3% THC, which is not nearly enough to cause the effects related to marijuana products.