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Hemp Oil for Skin

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As Hemp is becoming more mainstream, more and more people are realizing its potential benefits for the body. Hemp Oil is known for its effectiveness to help with pain, anxiety, and sleep, but it is also very beneficial for the skin.

Some people tend to shy away from Hemp Oil for skin or any other use since it is categorized with marijuana and they don’t understand the difference. However, Hemp Oil has less than 0.3% THC, which is the psychoactive compound found in much higher amounts in marijuana and which makes marijuana illegal in some states. At Nature’s Script, we use an isolation process ensure our products contain less than 0.3% THC, so you can be sure it is entirely legal. Our products are also beneficial to your overall health and wellness and a great option to improve many areas of your body.

What Benefits Does Hemp Oil for Skin Have?

You can see the benefits of Hemp Oil when you apply it topically. While it sounds counterintuitive, oil cleansing can help remove excess oils from your skin. Your skin naturally produces an excess of the oil called sebum, leading to acne prone, shiny, and oily skin. By using Hemp Oil, the “good” oil found in Hemp Oil can help dissolve the “bad” oil produced in excess by your skin. CBD can help unclog pores and help clear skin. It also works great to break down and remove makeup that could be clogging your pores. Hemp Oil can even help get rid of blackheads and clear other debris from your face.

Balance Oil Production

Another way topical Hemp Oil application can help is by restoring the balance of oil on your face. Cleaning your face too much can backfire as it tells your skin that it needs to produce even more oil. If you stop scrubbing away and start oiling up, you can help your skin return to its natural state of equilibrium.

Hemp Oil also draws moisture into areas of dry skin and contains linoleic acid, which is produced by healthy skin. If your skin is not healthy and doesn’t produce linoleic acid, Hemp Oil can potentially provide it.

Reduce Stress

Another way Hemp Oil can help your skin is by reducing stress. Since anxiety can cause acne, reduced anxiety can help keep your skin clear. Hemp Oil contains a host of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, which can help provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function correctly and reduce stress.

Protect Skin

In addition to being an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent, Hemp Oil can provide even more benefits for the skin. These two properties of Hemp Oil help protect the skin from toxins and pollutants in the environment. When your body is inflamed, the effects are seen and felt everywhere; it could be the reason your joints hurt, and you feel bloated all the time. One of the most prominent areas inflammation manifests, though, is the skin. Chronic inflammation can cause redness, rashes, and puffiness on the surface. Since chronic inflammation happens slowly over time, many people don’t even realize they are affected. Regular use of Hemp Oil can bring this down and work wonders for your skin.

How Exactly Does Hemp Oil Help Reduce Inflammation?

Hemp Oil works in your body's Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is a natural part of your body that helps to regulate everything from appetite to your sleep schedule. The primary goal of your ECS is to keep your body in check. The ECS can maintain bodily functions due to the multiple cannabinoid receptors it contains. Your ECS upholds processes such as your body's inflammation levels. When your body is overly inflamed, your ECS starts working to reduce inflammation. Hemp Oil can help stimulate your ECS's cannabinoid receptors into action, which is why it can be so helpful for the skin as well as other parts of your body.

How to Use Hemp Oil for Skin

Now that you know some of the many benefits of using Hemp Oil, how exactly can you use Hemp Oil for skin? The two main ways you can use Hemp Oil to help your skin are to ingest the oil and to use it topically.

Ingesting Hemp Oil for Skin

There are a few different ways to ingest Nature's Script Hemp Oil products. You can take them sublingually, which means placing it under your tongue. You can also include Hemp Oil in recipes, such as smoothies or salads. When you ingest Hemp Oil, you absorb it through your bloodstream. When you orally take Hemp Oil, you will see skin benefits related to reduced stress and inflammation.

Using Hemp Oil for Skin Topically

A great routine to use Hemp Oil for skin is to rub it on your face. You can take the oil on your fingertips and rub it over your whole face or just on problem areas. Then, you can use a damp, warm washcloth to remove the oil gently. You can also help the oil work on your skin via a gentle steaming method. Before you wipe the oil off, place a warm washcloth over your face as the oil soaks in, and repeat as many times as you want. Appling Hemp Oil topically is also a fantastic relaxing routine.

You could also try mixing Hemp Oil with other ingredients to create a DIY Hemp facial. Leave this sit on your face while you’re relaxing around the house or doing your morning routine. Be sure to talk to your dermatologist or other skin care professional before starting to add Hemp Oil to your skincare routine.

Hemp Oil works to fix your skin from so many different angles and can work endless wonders. If you’ve been struggling to improve your skin for years, this might be the magic solution you’ve been looking to attain. Even if you already have flawless skin, it can’t hurt to give Hemp Oil a try and see how it improves your skin and your life.


  1. You got me when you said that hemp oil has linoleic acid that can moisture the dry areas of the skin. With that in mind, I’ll be sure to shop for bath and body products that contain CBD. I have a lot of friends who are telling me that my skin looks too dull. Also, I’m starting to have blemishes because my skin is too dry. What I want is to achieve healthy skin so I can have the confidence to wear sleeveless shirts.

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