Health Care and Wellness Providers

Our premium Hemp Extract Syrup is concentrated with valuable health benefits, which may include anxiety relief, pain reduction, mood management and sleep support. Nature’s Script Syrup also includes extracts from other natural botanicals to help create a lasting sense of relaxation. You can personalize your Hemp Extract, or CBD, dose by measuring out your syrup to your liking. Whether you take our syrup on its own or mix it with your favorite drink, you’ll enjoy the light fruit punch flavor without a medicinal aftertaste. Like all Nature’s Script products, the CBD in our Syrup is derived from superior quality, organic Industrial Hemp.

CBD can help you relax into a deep state of calmness and comfort without the harsh side effects of traditional sleep medications.

Nature’s Script CBD Syrup is specifically blended with premium natural ingredients to help promote a good night’s sleep.

Our premium CBD has naturally calming properties, which may help ease an anxious mind and reduce feelings of worry, stress or fear.