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CBD Patches


Available in Pain, Sleep and Hangover varieties – our CBD Patches are specially formulated for your targeted use. Peel, stick and place the adhesive on your skin for long-lasting relief. Each Patch pack contains a total of 100mg of CBD and other premium ingredients to enhance its effects. You can apply our adhesives to your desired area of relief and wear them for up to 8 to 12 hours. CBD adhesives allow your body to absorb the full concentration of CBD, an alternative advantage to ingesting or inhaling CBD.

CBD Essential Oil Rollers


Soothe your stress with the power of CBD and essential oils. Nature’s Script CBD Essential Oil Rollers combine the properties of CBD with a unique blend of natural oils to enhance focus and relaxation. Available in focus or sleep blend, our CBD rollers are perfect to take on-to-the go for easy application. Each 10ml roll-on bottle contains a luxurious blend of premium natural oils and 125mg of concentrated CBD. Our special blend creates an invigorating aromatherapy experience.