CBD Sleep Gummies 5-Count


Say goodbye to sleepless nights of tossing and turning with Nature’s Script CBD Sleep Gummies 5-Count. Our CBD Sleep Gummies are each infused with 15mg of CBD and 5mg of Melatonin to help encourage a healthy and restful night’s sleep. Experience a deeper and fuller night’s rest that will leave feeling more recharged with no morning grogginess.

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CBD Sleep Gummies 5 Count

Supplement Facts

CBD Sleep Gummies per pack: 5
Hemp Extract Blend made with Premium Cannabidiol (CBD)
Also contains: Melatonin, White Willow Bark and Turmeric

Sugar, Corn Syrup, Gelatin, Citric Acid,
Calcium Lactate, Silicon Dioxide, Natural & Artificial Flavors

What are CBD Sleep Gummies?

Nature’s Script CBD Sleep Gummies 5 Count combines the premium compound of CBD with the sleep aid melatonin. Together, CBD and melatonin promote a peaceful night’s rest all in a delicious gummy form. Our CBD Sleep Gummies use CBD derived from premium Industrial Hemp plants. Research regards CBD as a therapeutic compound that can provide mental and physical health benefits. Cannabidiol works in conjunction with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is a central neurological system that works to maintain your sleep cycle, appetite, pain response, and more. Nature’s Script special blend of CBD and Melatonin can help influence your ECS to promote a healthier and longer night’s sleep.

How many CBD Sleep Gummies should I take?

It’s important to understand that CBD affects everyone differently. The effects of our CBD Sleep Gummies 5 Count may depend on your age, gender, weight, and metabolism rate. We recommend taking 1-2 CBD Sleep Gummies an hour before you go to bed for the optimal sleep.

What are the potential benefits of CBD Sleep Gummies?

Besides helping you get a better night’s rest, CBD Sleep Gummies 5 Count can also offer you a variety of health benefits. CBD Gummies may help reduce stress, promote calm and relaxation and provide for more balanced well-being. Our CBD Sleep Gummies can be taken daily for an improvement in your overall wellness.

Why Nature’s Script?

At Nature’s Script, we are a company that dedicates our resources to providing you with the many benefits of the Hemp plant and CBD. We back our mission by using the highest quality standards from premium sourcing to our in-house production process. Nature’s Script prides ourselves as a transparent company that’s here to assist your health and wellness needs. We work with an unbiased third-party lab to confirm the quality and concentration of the CBD used in our products. Focusing on quality gives us the utmost confidence in providing you with a premium and effective CBD product for your health.


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