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Nature’s Script CBD Heat Relief Spray was specifically formulated to offer soothing comfort for your aching body. Revitalize your muscles and joints with the beneficial properties of premium CBD and the warming sensations of methyl salicylate. Our fast-acting CBD Spray is easy to use and allows you to precisely target your desired area of relief.

CBD Heat Relief Spray FAQ

Nature’s Script CBD Heat Relief Spray is a topical spray intended to provide easy relief. Comprised of premium CBD and the warming properties of methyl salicylate, our spray offers temporary relief from minor discomforts.

To use CBD Heat Relief Spray, shake well and remove cap. Hold the nozzle 3-4 inches away from your targeted area of discomfort and spray. Avoid spraying cuts, broken skin or wounds.

Our CBD Heat Relief Spray can be used to ease nagging aches, pains and minor discomforts. Simply spray on your affected area to experience soothing heat relief.

Generally, you should feel the effects of our CBD Relief Spray within 10 minutes of application. Allow 12-20 minutes to feel the full warming and soothing properties of the spray.