CBD Pain Relief Gels

CBD Pain Relief Rub

Nature's Script CBD Pain Relief Rub is a soothing topical solution for easing muscle and joint discomforts. Our Cryotherapy Pain Gel features premium CBD and menthol to deliver cooling, long-lasting relief. Our CBD Pain Gel is available in CBD concentrations of 100mg, 400mg and 1000mg. We also offer a 200mg CBD Roll-on Pain Gel that delivers the same great benefits of our traditional gel in a mess-free applicator, allowing you to roll on relief without getting your hands dirty.

Nature’s Script’s Pain Gel uses premium CBD sourced from high-quality Industrial Hemp. We obtain our raw CBD from licensed and experienced American farmers. We blend our premium CBD with the cooling benefits of menthol to provide comforting relief for the most stubborn aches. Treat your muscles and joints to the soothing benefits of our Cryotherapy CBD Pain Relief Gel today.




Whether you're experiencing post-workout soreness, aches and pains after your latest yoga session or you're feeling discomfort in your muscles and joints for any other reason, our CBD Pain Relief Rub may provide the soothing benefits you need. Thanks to premium CBD and other high-quality ingredients, our cryotherapy pain relief gel can bring the cooling relief you need to ease soreness and bounce back for your next workout. Many of our customers swear by our CBD Pain Cream and its pain-relieving properties, so pick some up today and throw it into your gym bag or purse for convenient, on-the-go relief whenever aches and pains crop up. Available in regular tubs of gel or our convenient, mess-free roll-on version, our premium CBD Pain Relief Gel is the easy way to find cooling relief.


Nature’s Script Cryotherapy Gel is a topical solution that contains the benefits of CBD and cooling relief of menthol. We offer a variety of pain gels that range from 100mg to 1000mg of CBD.

If you’re using our traditional pain rub, open the container, scoop out your desired amount, and apply it to your intended area of relief. For our CBD Roll-on, unscrew the top and use the mess-free, roll-on applicator to target your discomforts.

Yes, our CBD Pain Relief Rub contains the cooling properties of menthol to help relieve pain, aches and muscle sores.

If you want to recover from a tough workout or soothe daily aches, you can benefit from using our CBD Pain Gel. You can use our pain rub up to four times a day to experience the cooling relief from muscle and joint pains.

Nature’s Script CBD Pain Gel uses premium CBD sourced from licensed American farms, making it one of the best CBD topicals available. We manufacture our pain rub in-house to ensure you always receive a safe and quality topical for your relief.