CBD Topicals

Nature's Script CBD Topicals give you the ability to target your desired area of relief on your skin. Whether you want to rub, roll or stick, we have a unique line of Hemp Extract topicals to help enhance your comfort and recovery. Our topical CBD products are often applied to joints or muscles to provide a relaxing relief, whether you're dealing with post-workout soreness or everyday aches and pains. All of our CBD topicals include additional ingredients that are beneficial to enhancing CBD's properties to better support your overall well-being. For instance, our CBD Essential Oil rollers combine the benefits of our CBD topicals with high-quality essential oils for a fragrant boost of aromatherapy. No matter where you apply our topical CBD products, you can trust you're receiving high-grade CBD extracted from premium Industrial Hemp that can absorb through your skin and provide the many health and wellness benefits of this natural compound.

Enhanced with menthol, our CBD Pain Relief Gel can be applied to your muscles or joints to provide instant cooling comfort. Our Cryotherapy Gel is available in CBD concentrations of 100mg, 400mg and a 1000mg high potency option. We also offer a mess-free roll-on applicator that features 200mg of CBD!

Soothe away aches, strains and muscle pains with the warming sensation of our premium CBD Heat Relief Spray. One of our easiest CBD topicals to use, you can easily spray and relieve areas of muscle discomfort. Each 2oz bottle contains 125mg of premium CBD and additional beneficial ingredients like meadowsweet extract and methyl salicylate.

Say goodbye to dry and cracked lips with Nature’s Script CBD Lip Balm. This coconut-vanilla flavored lip balm features essential ingredients to hydrate, protect and soften the lips. Our CBD Lip Balm contains 125mg of CBD as well as beneficial vitamins and oils like beeswax, vitamin E, sweet almond oil, shea butter and cocoa butter.

Leave your skin feeling silky and smooth with our amber-scented CBD Hand and Body Lotion. Crafted in-house, our CBD Lotion contains 125mg of pure CBD and the moisturizing properties of shea butter, mango butter and marula oil. This CBD Topical is available in a 2oz, travel-sized bottle so that you can maintain soft skin wherever you go.

CBD Topicals FAQ

CBD topicals are products that you can apply to your skin to enhance your comfort. We infuse our products with premium CBD and additional soothing botanicals to deliver beneficial relief to targeted areas.

Topical CBD products are easy and safe to use. Nature’s Script has a variety of gels, patches, lotions and sprays that you can apply to your desired area of discomfort to experience relief.

Topical CBD products can be used for targeting external discomforts such as muscle and joint aches. Our CBD Pain Relief Gels, CBD Heat Relief Spray and CBD Pain Patch are all intended to ease mild discomforts. Nature’s Script CBD Bath Bombs offer a soothing bathing experience to deliver relaxation in the comfort of your home. Additionally, our CBD Hand and Body Lotion has moisturizing benefits to encourage healthier and softer skin.

Nature’s Script offers a premium selection of CBD topicals for sale that are available in thousands of stores nationwide. You can find our topical CBD products in brick-and-mortar locations such as convenience stores, wellness shops and chiropractic offices. Looking for the easiest place to buy our CBD Topicals? Look no further than our online shop. Here, you find our complete collection of CBD topicals that you may not see in stores.