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Hemp CBD Pet Oil for Skin Allergies

Hemp CBD Pet Oil

Hemp CBD Pet Oil may be the most beneficial remedy you can give your furry friend for skin allergies. Skin allergies are one of the most common problems you may face when having a pet. Nature’s Script knows that your pet is an extended part of your family, so we want to provide potential irritation relief. Learn how CBD Pet Oil can potentially prevent your pets’ skin allergies and keep him active and happy.

What are Common Causes of Pet Skin Allergies

Similar to humans, pets can develop skin allergies and irritations. Unfortunately, your good boy can’t speak up and tell you what’s wrong, so it's on you to pay close attention to any signs of discomfort. Constant itching, redness and distress are all signs that your pet may have a skin allergy. It’s always best to consult with your veterinarian before his issues intensify and result in serious harm.

Fleas – Your pet can get fleas at a kennel or daycare, from contact with other outdoor pets or through travel. Fleas are parasites that feed on the blood of your pet and can cause severe irritation and skin allergies. When fleas bite, they leave saliva which leads to an allergic and hypersensitive reaction. Flea bites may leave your dog gnawing, chewing or scratching the affected skin area.

Food – Always be aware of what you give your furry friend. His body may be sensitive to certain foods which can make him itchy around his face, feet and ears. Not only do food allergies cause skin problems but they also may cause your pet to vomit or have irregular bowel movements. Protein is the most common form of food allergy that pets face. Your veterinarian can usually identify what causes your pet’s food allergy through an elimination diet and provide a proper diet plan.

Ringworm – Your pet can come in contact with ringworm from other dogs or infected objects. Ringworm is a fungus that grows and lives on the outer layer of your pet’s skin. If your pet contracts ringworm, he may face areas of hair loss or chronic shedding. These areas of infected skin cause inflammation and crusted scabs.

Hot Spots & Sores – Hot spots, or moist dermatitis, are itchy and painful skin lesions that result in inflamed and infected skin. Bugs and allergens primarily cause skin allergies which eventually results in your pet itching and biting areas of fur. Excessive itching and scratching leads to hot spots and can ultimately leave your buddy vulnerable to bacteria and infections.

How Does Hemp CBD Pet Oil Help Combat My Pet’s Skin Allergies?

Hemp CBD Pet Oil can potentially help your pet by working with his Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Like humans, all mammals have an ECS that controls their pain management, stress levels, appetite, sleep cycle and more. Skin allergies can be tricky to deal with, but Hemp CBD Pet Oil may help regulate the health of your pet’s skin. Giving your pet Hemp Extract Oil can potentially target and reduce areas of irritation and redness. CBD also contains relaxing properties that can help reduce any anxieties that may cause him to bite, scratch or lick areas of skin allergies continually.

If you notice that your pet’s behavior is out of the ordinary for a prolonged period, see your veterinarian immediately.  Nature’s Script Hemp Extract Pet Oil can potentially help deter side effects of your furry friend’s skin allergies until he receives further treatment. Additionally, Hemp CBD Pet Oil holds great therapeutic potential in boosting your pet’s overall wellness.

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