How to Vape CBD E-Juice

How to Vape CBD E-Juice

Obtaining your daily CBD benefits is as simple as using CBD Vape Juice. You may be wondering though, “How do I vape CBD E-Juice?” Don’t worry – you’re not the only one to get caught up in the phenomenon known as vaping. In short, vaping is the process of inhaling a liquid in vapor form via an electronic cigarette or vaporizer device. Vaping Nature’s Script’s CBD E-Juice means zero nicotine and less than 0.3% THC while potentially delivering you anxiety relief and enhanced calm and relaxation. Continue to read below to find out what you need to vape, how to vape CBD E-Juice and what potential benefits you may receive.

What Do I Need to Vape CBD E-Liquids?

All vaporizers consist of three main parts: a battery source (vape device), a heating element that powers the source (coil) and chamber that vaporizers your E-liquid (atomizer). All of these components together allow you to vape.

  1. Choose Your Vape Device – When choosing a CBD Vape device, you essentially have two options. You can either select a prefilled vape device or a refillable vape device. Prefilled vaporizers can come as disposable pens, cartridges or pods that already have E-Juice in them. Refillable vape devices require you to buy an E-Liquid to put into your vaporizer but can be used for a longer time.
  2. Pick Your CBD Vape E-Juice – Most CBD E-Juices have delicious flavors that you can choose or customize depending on your preference. At Nature’s Script, we offer three tasty flavors: Blueberry Jam, Juicy Watermelon and Fresh Mango.
  3. Pick Your Concentration – Depending on your needs, you can choose a higher or lower Hemp Extract milligram concentration. If you are an experienced user, you may want to purchase a higher concentration. If you wish to find relaxation, you may want to use a lower milligram value. Nature’s Script has three varying potency levels that you can choose from 75, 300 or 1000mg.

How Do I Vape CBD E-Juice?

If it’s your first-time vaping CBD E-Juice, we recommend going with either a prefilled vape with disposable cartridges/pods or a refillable vape with a replaceable coil. Once you have chosen your vape device and CBD E-Liquid flavor and concentration, you can follow these easy steps:

  • Charge your vape battery and fill it with your CBD E-Juice.
  • Take a pull or drag from your vape device; you will want to inhale for a few seconds.
  • Continue to inhale until you start to draw vapor into your mouth.
  • Once you can feel the Hemp Extract vapor in your mouth, inhale.
  • After breathing in, exhale the vapor immediately.
  • Vaping should be a relatively simple process that gets easier every time you do it. The amount of inhales and drags you take is up to you until you have reached your desired state of relief or relaxation.

Nature’s Script CBD E-Liquids have the potential to deliver a wide variety of therapeutic benefits. CBD Vape Juice is an easy and fast way to find relief from stress and anxiety, get a better night's rest and attain the perfect relaxation after a stressful day. Our CBD E-Liquids use Hemp Extract that is derived from high-grade Industrial Hemp. We ensure the potency, quality and safety of our CBD Vape Juice through verified third-party lab tests

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