50mg CBD Pain Patches


Experience soothing relief with Nature’s Script CBD Pain Patches. Each transdermal patch contains premium CBD and lidocaine. CBD Pain Patches are easy to apply and can last up to 8-12 hours to ease minor discomforts.

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CBD Pain Patches

CBD per Patch: 50mg (100mg total)
Other Ingredients: Lidocaine (4%), Acrylic Adhesive
Use: Up to 8-12 Hours

How Do I Use CBD Pain Patches?

Using a CBD Patch is one of the easiest ways you can attain CBD’s properties. Follow these four easy steps for application and use:

  1. Tear open pouch and remove the patch
  2. Apply patch to an area of your skin for maximum effect (upper arm, legs, wrist, feet)
  3. Wash hands after applying and removing patch
  4. Wear for up to 8-12 hours, then gently peel off and remove (Do not remove patch if wet, make sure it is dry and then slowly remove)

Do not apply patches to injured, irritated or wounded skin. Patches can be worn under clothing for discrete use but should not be covered or wrapped with anything else. For best application, do not apply patches 1 hour before bathing or 30 minutes after. Also, do not use patches with a heating pad or external heat.

Where Do I Apply CBD Pain Patches?

You can apply your CBD Patch to the area of discomfort, whether it’s on your upper or lower body. At Nature’s Script, we recommend applying our CBD Patches to an area such as your ankle, arm or wrist. These allow for quicker CBD absorption and faster results.

How Do CBD Pain Patches Work?

Once you apply a CBD Patch to your desired area of skin, it offers long-lasting relief. CBD and other ingredients absorb through the skin directly into your bloodstream. This allows the patches to deliver you relief for up to 8-12 hours.

CBD Patches are one of our fastest working products because they are absorbed straight into your bloodstream. Unlike CBD Edibles and CBD Oil, CBD Patches bypass being broken down via the digestive tract.  Once your body absorbs the contents of the patch, it can encourage the proper functioning of your Endocannabinoid System.

Some people may have difficulty removing transdermal patches due to sensitive skin. If you generally experience problems removing patches, try soaking the patch off with warm water. Applying vegetable oil, olive oil or baby oil to the adhesive may help make removal easier. Completely clean any residual oil to assure that your next patch will stick to your arm

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