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4 Ways to Help Reduce Your Pet's Anxiety this Fourth of July

How to Reduce Your Pet's Anxiety - Fourth of July

The Fourth of July can bring out the worst in your pet’s anxiety. New faces, large crowds, and the firework show at night can all raise your pet’s stress. If you have a pet, it’s always best to keep his best interest in mind if you are hosting an event or leaving for the night. Nature’s Script has four helpful ways to keep your pet’s anxiety in check this Fourth of July weekend.

Nature's Script 4 Fourth of July Tips

1.) Exercise – Take some time in the morning or early afternoon to walk or play fetch with your furry friend. Letting your pet exercise before the festivities start may help tucker him out. Tiring your pet out will allow him to sleep through all the commotion and reduce potential outbursts.

2.) CBD Pet Oil – Giving your pup CBD Pet Oil may significantly benefit him on one of the loudest days of the year. CBD Pet Oil has the potential to reduce your pet’s anxiety and provide an overall aura of calmness. Whether you give it to him directly from the dropper or sprinkle it on his favorite food, CBD Pet Oil is an option you may want to try this Fourth of July weekend.

3.) Safe Space – If you do choose to keep your pet inside, set up a relaxing and comfortable room for him to stay. Keeping your pet away from unknown guests will help reduce his anxiety levels. You’ll want to make the safe space soothing with his favorite toys and treats, while also checking up on him periodically.

4.) Stay by His Side – The best way to limit your pet’s anxiety this Independence Day is to stay by his side. If you’re hosting a party, keep him close with a leash or in a secure area you can easily monitor. If you do choose to stay home during the firework celebration, let your best buddy remain by your side. Your assurance and love will help him understand that the loud noises are not harmful to his safety.

Have a Wonderful Fourth of July

It’s important to note that more pets run away on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year. Another great tip is to make sure your pet has the proper tags and up-to-date contact information in case he ends up getting lost. Helping reduce your pet’s anxiety will not only make his Independence Day enjoyable but it will also help reduce any stress you have. Give our Hemp Pet Oil a try so that your furry friend may find total relaxation and comfort this holiday season.

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