Why You Can Trust Safe Vape Products from Nature’s Script

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Putting your trust in a safe vape product may seem difficult amid state bans and rising health concerns due to vaping. However, much of the panic over vaping can be attributed to harmful and unreliable products from less-than-reputable manufacturers. Many of the vape-related health risks stem from counterfeit vape products that contain vitamin E acetate – a thickening agent used in the production of nicotine and THC-based vapes.

With these issues surrounding vaping, it may leave you wondering, Is vaping safe?

At Nature’s Script, our CBD E-Liquids consist only of premium Hemp Extract and the ideal ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) – a 75/25 VG/PG split. All of our CBD Vape products are free of vitamin E acetate and nicotine.

Check out the four main reasons why you can trust our safe vape CBD products:

Safe Vape CBD E-Liquids Crafted In-House

Nature’s Script CBD E-Liquids are crafted in-house, giving us total control over their quality and integrity. All raw CBD used in our E-Liquids comes with a full panel Certificate of Analysis (COA). COAs ensure our CBD is potent and free of any microbial life, mycotoxins, metals, residual solvents and bacteria. Using our approved raw CBD, we then formulate our CBD E-Liquids in-house. Manufacturing our CBD Vape Juice in-house gives us an immediate advantage over companies that outsource the production of their vape products. We maintain a careful watch over every batch and get the final say on all vaping products that go out for sale.

Extensive Quality Control

We have one of the most robust quality-control programs in place for CBD and the manufacturing of vape products. Our quality standards consist of quarantine areas, stability testing, current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and multi-stage lab testing. Once we receive our raw materials, we quarantine them to ensure their stability and potency over time. Stability testing lets us evaluate the shelf life of our CBD E-Liquids so that we can appropriately label them with the correct expiration dates. Our manufacturing team receives extensive training about cGMPs so that we are better equipped to meet any regulations the FDA puts in place. We put a great deal of emphasis on quality control to assure you’re buying a safe vape product and not a potentially harmful one that you’ve heard about in the news.

In-House and Third-Party Lab Testing

Building off of our rigorous quality control programs, we also have procedures in place for in-process lab testing. Throughout the formulation process, we test samples to make sure the quality of our products stays consistent. We complete a final check of all finished goods to ensure they uphold our quality and potency standards. The last step of our lab testing process is to send our CBD E-Liquids to an ISO-certified third-party lab. Third-party lab results help confirm the efficacy of our products. We then publish the lab test results on our website so that you can see that our CBD E-Liquids are safe to vape.

Proper Labeling and Marketing

Many of the recent bans on flavored vape products have resulted from dishonest vape companies targeting underage adults. Nature’s Script CBD E-Liquids are intended for adults who are looking for a safe and natural way to obtain relaxation. We also take extensive measures to certify proper labeling. What you see on the label of our CBD E-Liquids is what you get in the bottle. We want you to enjoy a stress-free vaping experience while also benefiting from CBD Vape Oil’s effects.

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