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7 Unexpected Benefits of Hemp Extract

7 Unexpected Benefits of Hemp Extract

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Hemp Extract is trendy right now – but does it work? It’s natural to be wary of anything that seems too good to be true, but Hemp Extract lives up to the hype. It’s gaining traction among medical researchers because it’s been found helpful as a pain remedy and can help people struggling with substance abuse, but Hemp has other benefits that may surprise you. Because scientific research is still in its early stages, the medicinal value of hemp continues to be studied each day.

But the information we do have is encouraging and points to a promising future for Hemp Extract. It has been shown to help with physical and emotional problems, and it’s sometimes called a miracle supplement by those who use it. If you haven’t tried Hemp Extract and are wondering why it’s so popular, this article will help you understand why people can’t get enough.

What Is Hemp Extract?

Hemp Extract, also called Hemp Oil or CBD Oil, is the compound extracted from the Industrial Hemp plant. While Hemp is used to make clothing, construction supplies and even paper, some of its most remarkable benefits are directly related to health. Studies have shown that Hemp Extract may be the key to a range of medical conditions, and there’s a biological basis for Hemp’s healing properties.

Every human has an Endocannabinoid System, or ECS. It’s a system in our bodies that contains a group of cell receptors that respond to Hemp Extract and other cannabinoids. The ECS is responsible for pain response, sleep regulation and a host of other functions that we need to survive. Hemp Extract shouldn’t be confused with Hemp Seed Oil, a derivative from a different part of the plant. While both have been shown to be beneficial, Hemp Extract and Hemp Seed Oil are very different products sourced from the Hemp plant.

The Benefits Of Hemp Extract

1. Anti-Inflammation

Inflammation isn’t always a bad thing – when your body is functioning healthily, inflammation helps you recover from injury and sickness. [Unfortunately, your body will sometimes overreact and inflame when there’s no injury, which leads to pain. Excessive inflammation can also cause an overall decrease in wellness because your body attacks healthy tissue instead of foreign bacteria. If you’re experiencing excessive soreness, Hemp Extract may be able to bring relief. That’s because the Endocannabinoid System plays a crucial role in our inflammatory processes, which allows Hemp to bring comfort and reduce inflammation.

2. Sleep

One in three adults gets less than seven hours of sleep nightly, which can have long-lasting effects on productivity, mood, weight, mental health and more. Getting enough sleep is imperative to good health, and a study from the National Sleep Foundation found that few Americans prioritize sleep health as they should. If you’re experiencing insomnia, you know how annoying it can be to find a solution that makes you feel better in the morning. Instead of counting sheep the next time you’re tossing and turning, consider trying Hemp Extract before bed. It’s an all-natural solution known for its calming effects, which can potentially help you get to sleep faster. Nature’s Script Hemp Syrup contains melatonin, a unique blend that helps you get the quality of sleep you need.

3. Mood

Have you been in a slump lately? You can add exercise and meditation to your routine to see improvements, but there’s another option worth considering. Hemp Extract is a natural mood booster, and it’s all due to the way Hemp Oil interacts with your body. It’s known to increase the amount of anandamide in the brain; a neurotransmitter sometimes called the “bliss molecule” for the way it affects your frame of mind. If you’re feeling down, Hemp Extract could be a crucial part of your revitalization process.

Hemp Extract has also been shown to help control conditions that may have a noticeable impact on mood. A 2011 study from Brazilian researchers found that Hemp Extract can reduce the symptoms of generalized social anxiety disorder and make it easier for people who dislike crowds to speak in front of large audiences.

4. Pets

Hemp Extract is a perfect supplement for anyone who wants to help their pets, too. Animals have Endocannabinoid Systems just like humans, and Hemp Extract has benefits for mammals. If your pet has separation anxiety, travel anxiety or gets jumpy around loud noises, Nature’s Script Pet Oil can bring calming effects without any of the harmful additives that other treatment options may contain. You can add it to pet food or give it to your dog or cat directly. This allows you to treat it like you would any other medication. Our CBD Pet Oil also comes in delicious chicken and beef flavors.

5. Skincare

Hemp Extract has antioxidant properties, which means it can help protect our skin against external environmental factors like pollutants. Additionally, stress is a significant contributor to acne, and Hemp Extract’s effect on mood can lower stress. Treating skincare problems can quickly become expensive and feel unmanageable, and finding something that works may feel impossible. Hemp Extract has a host of other benefits, but if you’re living with psoriasis, acne, dryness, flakiness, or other skin conditions, Hemp Extract could be a turning point.

6. Chronic Pain

If you’re living with chronic pain, you know how drastically it can change your life, primarily if you’re relying on traditional methods of treatment, like prescription opioids. Living with adverse side effects and the possibility of addiction at the forefront of your mind can have a severe impact on your emotional health, which is why Hemp is popular among people with chronic pain. We have the ECS to thank for Hemp Extract’s pain relief properties – the Endocannabinoid System regulates pain response. Hemp Extract also inhibits the Fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) produced by your body, which can enhance your feelings of well-being.

7. Focus

Trouble concentrating? You may be able to ditch that morning espresso shot and opt for a natural supplement that’ll make those long school and work days feel slightly more bearable without the crash that sometimes results after having caffeine. Because of the way Hemp Extract affects mood, it may be able to help you concentrate and stay motivated.

Hemp Extract will only continue to grow in popularity as more people realize the benefits of the supplement. Read more about the Hemp Extract products offered by Nature’s Script.

3 Hemp Oil Smoothie Recipes To Supercharge Your Morning

Hemp Oil Smoothie Recipes

If you’re feeling sluggish in the morning or need an afternoon pick-me-up, you’ll likely be searching for an easy, effective solution. Smoothies are a great way to feel better and get your daily fruits and vegetables, but you may be forgetting an important ingredient: Hemp Oil. Hemp Oil smoothies are gaining popularity, and they’re more than a fad. They’re a delicious way to boost your wellness and feel more revitalized in the process.

The best part? Adding Hemp Oil smoothies to your daily routine won’t require a ton of work, even if you aren’t a smoothie drinker. All you’ll need is a blender, fresh or frozen produce, five minutes of free time, and Nature’s Script Hemp Oil. Hemp Oil can help you feel calmer and less anxious, and it may even provide pain relief and reduce inflammation. It’s a natural wellness boost that may improve your concentration, mood and motivation.

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp Oil, or CBD Oil, is a natural supplement extracted from Hemp, which was used for wellness purposes since ancient times. Unlike other supplements and traditional forms of medication, Hemp Oil hasn’t been linked to overdose and isn’t known to be addictive. Nature’s Script Hemp Oil is made from superior-grade Industrial Hemp and is certified pure, which means it doesn’t contain any harmful additives. It also contains no THC, which means that it doesn’t produce a high and won’t cause you to fail a drug test.

If you aren’t familiar with Hemp Oil, you may wonder why it’s so popular. Hemp Extract has been shown to help with a variety of health conditions in academic studies, which is why so many people are adding it to their wellness routines. Some of the benefits of Hemp Oil:


Mental Benefits

Hemp Oil is associated with potential improved concentration, relaxation and decrease in anxiety levels. Additionally, some of our customers use Nature’s Script products to receive a better night's rest. Poor sleep health can be incredibly detrimental and lead to increased irritability, drowsiness and memory problems. Combating sleep deprivation early on is incredibly beneficial for your overall health. The energy boost it provides may make you feel more focused and less distracted.


Physical Benefits

The potential physical benefits of Hemp Oil are numerous – in fact, it’s been hailed as a miracle supplement for the positive effects it has on the body. Hemp Oil has been shown to have various physical conditions. Chronic pain sufferers frequently report relief after trying Nature’s Script Hemp Oil.  Hemp Oil, or CBD Oil, contains natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce aches, pains and cramps. As researchers continue to study the compound, we’re learning even more about its therapeutic potential.



Tropical Fruit Hemp Oil Smoothie

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Serve immediately over ice.


Apple Ginger Hemp Oil Smoothie

Core and chop the apple into small cubes. Blend the apple, almond milk, spinach, fresh ginger, and Hemp Oil until smooth. Serve over ice. OPTIONAL: Top off with flax seeds or coconut flakes.


Watermelon Mint Hemp Oil Smoothie

  • 2 cups seedless watermelon
  • 1 teaspoon of honey (or sweetener of your choice)
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh mint
  • 5 to 10 milligrams of Nature’s Script Hemp Oil, either flavor

Chop the watermelon into cubes. Blend all ingredients until smooth. Serve over ice; garnish with fresh mint or watermelon balls.

Taking Hemp Oil In The Morning

Even when you get enough sleep, you might wake up feeling groggy and out of sorts. That’s because you spend much of your time during the night in a deep sleep, and it can be difficult to bounce back from the drowsiness it causes. If you’re getting enough sleep each night, you’ll likely feel energized once you spend a few minutes awake, but it can still be challenging to feel awake and get out of bed when the alarm goes off. And if you feel groggy because you didn’t get enough sleep, Hemp Oil may help regulate your sleep cycle.

Because everyone reacts to Hemp Oil differently, we recommend taking it at home before bed. This will allow you to gauge how your body responds to Hemp Extract. Some of our customers feel slightly sleepy thanks to the product’s calming effect. But for many people, taking Hemp Oil in the morning provides a range of wellness benefits that help prepare them for the day ahead. Because Hemp Oil can be used to reduce stress levels and increase concentration, adding it to an early morning smoothie makes a lot of sense. Try swapping out your morning cup of coffee for a Hemp Oil smoothie – you may be pleasantly surprised.

Blend Up

One of the advantages of Hemp Oil smoothie recipes is that they’re hard to mess up. You can experiment with different fruits and vegetables to find a combination that works for you. Our oils taste great with any smoothie concoction. Whether you’re kickstarting a busy day or winding down after a long workout, Hemp Oil can provide the relief you need. Learn more about the benefits of Hemp Oil.