3 of the Best Ways to Take CBD

3 of the Best Ways to Take CBD

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The CBD industry has seen tremendous growth over the past few years and with that, an abundance of novel products. From CBD toothpicks to CBD-infused activewear, there’s no shortage of obscure items available and even more doubts about whether they work. This can make finding the best ways to take CBD a fairly tricky process.

Your best bet will be to stick with products you’ve heard about and that have reviews to back them up, like gummies, capsules, oils and rubs. While finding the right product for your lifestyle may take some trial and error, there will be nothing more rewarding than obtaining the comfort and relaxation you need.

Nature’s Script has three of the best ways to take CBD, whether it’s your first time, you use it daily, or want a method to soothe occasional discomfort. Continue reading to find out which CBD products best suit your wellness goals.

What Ways Can I Take CBD?

Besides factors like your body chemistry, level of discomfort, and weight, your choice of delivery method will also play a role in how you experience CBD’s benefits. So, choosing the right CBD product can make all the difference when it comes to optimizing your well-being.  The best ways to take CBD are usually through these three methods:

1.) Edibles

Edible products like gummies, capsules and syrups are infused with CBD for easy consumption and digestion. CBD edibles are simple to use and typically come with a pre-measured serving – although some products like syrup allow for customization. While it takes your body longer to absorb CBD edibles, you may see longer-lasting effects since the contents remain in your bloodstream longer.

2.) Sublinguals

Sublingual CBD products are useful as they bypass the digestive system and reach the bloodstream faster. CBD Oils and tinctures are taken sublingually, under the tongue, so they can be absorbed by the mucus membrane. This allows for quick absorption into the bloodstream with long-lasting effects, making it one of the best ways to take CBD.

3.) Topicals

Topical CBD products are the go-to choice if you want to target specific areas of discomfort. Products such as rubs, sprays, lotions, bath bombs and patches are infused with CBD and then topically applied to acquire the compound’s benefits. While CBD topicals may not provide you with an overall feeling of relaxation, they are intended to provide comfort.

Best Ways to Take CBD if it’s Your First Time

If you’re new to the world of CBD and are looking to optimize your wellness routine, you’ll likely want to start with a method that is familiar and easy to use. Nature’s Script Gummies are one of the best ways to take CBD as a beginner because they are similar to eating fruit chews or candy.

CBD Gummies

Each bite-sized gummy is packed with a pre-measured serving of CBD, so you don’t have to wonder about how much you’ve taken. Gummies allow you to gauge CBD’s effects and you can gradually eat more or less once you become accustomed to its relaxing benefits. Our original gummies offer 15mg of CBD per gummy, while our sleep gummies offer 15mg of CBD plus 5mg of melatonin to help encourage a full night’s rest. And if you want to start with a more potent serving size, our high potency option holds 30mg of CBD per gummy.

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Best Ways to Take CBD Daily 

If you seek to take CBD every day, you’ll likely want a versatile product you can bring with you wherever you venture. Nature’s Script CBD Oils come in a one-ounce bottle that can be effortlessly put in your purse, backpack, gym bag or pocket for your daily CBD needs.


CBD Oil is one of the purest forms of taking the compound since it contains minimal ingredients. Nature’s Script CBD Oil comprises pure CBD extract and beneficial carrier oils, including grape seed oil and MCT oil to help with absorption. Our CBD tincture is available in five different potencies and concentrations to cater to your tolerance level and taste preferences, as well as unique flavors that can be added to your favorite food or beverages if you prefer not to take it sublingually.


Best Ways to Take CBD for Targeted Relief

When it comes to alleviating aches, strains and muscle pains, Nature’s Script has you covered. We offer a versatile selection of CBD topicals that can be applied throughout the day to maintain your comfort. Check out our best ways to take CBD for targeted relief.

CBD Pain Relief Rub

There’s more than one reason Nature’s Script CBD Pain Relief Rub is a customer favorite when it comes to targeted relief for sore muscles and joint pain. We formulated our line of pain gels using the cooling and calming properties of menthol and premium CBD. Our CBD Cryotherapy Gel ranges from 100mg to 1000mg of CBD to help you tackle the most stubborn irritations. We also offer a 200mg CBD Roll-on that delivers the same benefits of our traditional rub in a mess-free applicator.

CBD Pain Gel

Best Ways to Take CBD Wrap Up 

When deciding the best ways to take CBD, don’t get discouraged if your first choice doesn’t work. Everyone has a unique body composition, so what works for a family member or friend may not necessarily work for you. If you didn’t see a product that suits your preferences above, check out Nature’s Script’s full selection of CBD products on our shop page. When it comes to assisting you with relaxation and comfort, no one cares more about your health and wellness needs than Nature’s Script.


How Long Does CBD Last?

How Long Does CBD Last?

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Adding CBD to your wellness routine is a great way to boost your comfort and relaxation. But how long does CBD last once you take it? Since there are many different methods for experiencing CBD’s effects, there isn’t one concrete answer. The lasting benefits of CBD will depend on how you choose to administer the natural compound and how often you take it, among other factors. Popular options to obtain CBD’s effects include edibles, sublinguals (oils), topicals and inhalants (vape products). Each of these CBD products has a different rate of absorption and will last for a different length of time. Continue to read to learn about how long does CBD last and which delivery method has the longest-lasting effects.

What is Bioavailability and How Does it Relate to CBD?

AP Stylebook defines bioavailability as “the rate in which a substance enters the bloodstream and is circulated to specific organs or tissues.” Similar to other compounds, CBD must be absorbed before you can begin to feel its effects. Once your body metabolizes CBD and the compound reaches your Endocannabinoid System, its bioavailability will vary depending on the delivery method.

The Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, is a network of receptors, enzymes and compounds known as endocannabinoids. These receptors are located in the skin, immune cells, skeletal muscle, heart, kidneys and liver. Together, the structures work to regulate the body’s harmony in response to changes in the environment. They maintain the body’s pain sensation, memory, mood, appetite, stress, sleep, immune function, reproductive function and sleep.

Understanding bioavailability helps you determine how much CBD you will need to take to achieve your desired results. It can also identify what serving size best suits the functioning of your ECS.

Additionally, everyone will feel the effects of CBD at different rates due to their unique body composition. Factors such as body chemistry, level of discomfort, weight – and even gender – will impact how long CBD lasts. If you try CBD for the first time and don’t experience results right away, don’t get discouraged. It may take your body a while to get accustomed to CBD. Once you find the method that works best for you, you can establish the right CBD routine for your daily needs. Next, you’ll find out the answer to, “How long does CBD last in different products?”

Which CBD Product’s Effects Last the Longest?

As CBD continues to increase in popularity as a natural wellness product, you may choose to try it for your comfort and relaxation. But what product best suits your needs, and how long does CBD last once you find the right delivery method? Let Nature’s Script™ break down the most common ways to acquire CBD’s effects and what current research says about each method’s lasting effects.

1). CBD Vape Products

Inhaling CBD through vape products such as e-liquids, cartridges, or vape pens is one of the fastest ways to experience CBD’s effects. When you inhale CBD, it bypasses the digestive tract and liver and is absorbed directly into the lungs. Vaping CBD allows you to obtain results within minutes and its bioavailability has been reported to between 34% to 46% and as high as 56%.

While vaping CBD is an efficient way to receive CBD’s benefits, its effects don’t last as long as other methods because it leaves the bloodstream faster. Another downside of inhaling CBD is that it may irritate the lungs if you are not used to vaping. If you decide that vaping CBD is the best method for you, make sure to choose a safe CBD vape product that you can trust.

2.) CBD Edibles 

Consuming CBD Edibles is a popular choice because they are a traditional method of consumption. Typically, CBD is added into edible items such as gummies, capsules, drinks, lollipops and more, making it a fun and easy way to take your daily CBD. However, since CBD edibles must be consumed and metabolized through your digestive tract, it reduces its bioavailability, which is reported to be between 6% to 20%. You may lose some of your CBD serving size as it’s absorbed, and it may also take longer for you to feel its effects.

On the upside, besides ease of use, CBD edibles may have the longest-lasting effects of any other delivery method. Whatever amount of CBD is absorbed into your system can last up to four to six hours, delivering the long-term benefits you need.

3.) CBD Oils (Tinctures)

One of the purest ways to obtain CBD’s effects is through tinctures or oils. CBD Oil consists of minimal ingredients and is generally taken by mouth sublingually (under the tongue) through an easy-to-use dropper. There are sublingual glands located underneath the tongue that allow for quick absorption of CBD to the bloodstream. Taking CBD Oil sublingually bypasses the digestive tract, giving it a reported bioavailability of around 10% to 35%.

CBD Oil can be considered the sweet spot for CBD users because it doesn’t take overly long to feel its effects, and they last longer than a few hours. Whether you are a new or experienced CBD user, tinctures and oils are an excellent method for optimizing your lifestyle. Before choosing a tincture or oil, be sure to know what to look for in quality CBD Oil.

4.) CBD Topicals 

With CBD topicals, you can target your specific areas of discomfort with products like gels, patches, lotions, bath bombs and more. Topical CBD products are applied directly to the skin to provide relief from aches and pains. You can obtain CBD’s effects from topical products by absorption through your skin. While there isn’t a lot of data on the bioavailability of CBD topicals, one study suggests it can be up to 45%. Topical CBD products may take a while to enter the bloodstream depending on how much you use and where you place them, but their effects can last up to a few hours. We recommend topical CBD products if you are dealing with joint and muscle pains.

Which CBD Product is Best for Me?

When it comes to determining how long does CBD last, it’s important to remember there isn’t a universal answer. CBD affects everyone differently, so what works for a friend or family member may not necessarily work for you. It may take some trial and error at first, but with the right research and serving size, you can achieve your perfect CBD regimen.

Nature’s Script offers an exceptional selection of premium CBD products that you can trust for your health and wellness. We have a wide range of edibles, oils and topicals, available in multiple concentrations, sizes and flavors that cater to your specific needs.  From sourcing to shipping, we are transparent about how we craft our quality CBD products. Our experienced compliance team makes sure we are up to date with industry regulations so that we can be the gold standard of the CBD industry. Plus, we go the extra mile to ensure safe and effective products through in-house and third-party lab testing.

Start your CBD routine today with one of Nature’s Script’s best-selling products.



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