5 Benefits of Sleep Gummies with CBD

5 Benefits of Sleep Gummies with CBD

5 Benefits of Sleep Gummies with CBD Banner

Do you toss and turn at night yearning for more restful sleep? Well, you don’t have to worry about being the only one. According to the CDC, about one in three Americans deal with some form of sleep deprivation, and roughly nine million take prescription drugs to help them fall asleep. If you’re looking to ease late-night stress for a natural slumber, sleep gummies with CBD may be the solution for you. Continue reading our blog to learn the five benefits of adding CBD Sleep Gummies from Nature’s Script™ to your nightly routine.

What are Sleep Gummies with CBD?

Nature’s Script’s sleep gummies are bite-sized chews infused with a pre-measured serving of CBD and the natural sleep aid melatonin. Each gummy contains 15mg of CBD and it’s calming properties and 5mg of melatonin. These gummies can be taken an hour before bed to encourage a deeper and more beneficial night’s sleep.

Our sleep gummies feature high-quality CBD sourced from Industrial Hemp grown on federally licensed American farms. CBD carries natural calming properties that may ease feelings of stress or anxiety as you lie awake at night. Our gummies also contain melatonin to encourage a healthier sleep schedule. Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by the body to regulate your sleep-wake cycle, also known as your circadian rhythm. But for those with sleep issues, their bodies may not create enough of this hormone. The added serving of melatonin in our sleep gummies with CBD may adjust the body’s internal clock and help support a consistent sleep cycle.

Five Benefits of Sleep Gummies with CBD

Before you brush your teeth and settle into bed, consider taking Nature’s Script’s sleep gummies with CBD to benefit your health and wellness routine in these five ways:

1.) Provide a Peaceful Night’s Slumber

One of the more rewarding things in life is hopping into your comfy bed after a long day. But lying awake reflecting on the day, coupled with the impeding thoughts of tomorrow, can leave you tossing and turning all night. Taking our sleep gummies before you fall asleep may help clear your head of stress and strain, allowing you to drift away slowly into a deep rest. CBD’s relaxing properties can help ease you into a peaceful night’s slumber, while the melatonin keeps you asleep for a night of higher-quality sleep.

2.) Assist Night Workers and Frequent Flyers

If you work at night or continuously travel and change time zones, your body may struggle to maintain a balanced sleep-wake cycle. When it gets dark out, your body produces more melatonin, which signals you to prepare for sleep, whereas light decreases melatonin production to keep your body alert. Sleep gummies with CBD can help regulate a steady sleep-wake cycle for night workers to promote wakefulness in the evening and calming relaxation during the day.

For those who travel constantly, jet lag can significantly throw off your body’s internal clock. Taking our sleep gummies signals that it’s time to sleep, no matter the time zone. Nature’s Script CBD Sleep Gummies are also portable and completely legal to fly with so that you can always have your sleep aid by your side!

3.) Help Establish a Sleep Schedule 

Once you are accustomed to our CBD Sleep Gummies’ effects, you can start to establish a consistent sleep schedule. To fall asleep at your desired time, you will need to understand how your body reacts to CBD and melatonin. We recommend taking our sleep gummies with CBD an hour before you plan to fall asleep. Going to bed at a regular time each night will allow your body to get in a rhythm and enhance your ability to wake up with ease. With a dependable sleep schedule, you may notice an improvement in your attitude, productivity and overall wellness.

4.) Wake Up Feeling Recharged

CBD Sleep Gummies can help you say goodbye to groggy mornings and multiple trips to the coffee machine. Our sleep gummies with CBD may promote morning wakefulness so that you are ready to tackle the day from the time you get out of bed. Receiving a quality night’s rest lets your body recharge and repair for the coming day. You may also notice a huge difference in your mental and physical state, as a rested mind can provide a clearer outlook and more energy.

5.) Daily Self-Care

Failing to obtain the recommended seven hours of sleep per night can affect more than just your morning attitude and focus. If you continue to neglect your sleep, you’ll increase your risk of developing severe long-term health issues. When your body receives quality sleep, it produces proteins called cytokines that repair and heal the body. These proteins keep your immune system operating properly to combat inflammation and infections. A lack of sleep will decrease the body’s production of cytokines and may leave you more susceptible to sickness or injury. Adding our sleep gummies with CBD to your nightly routine encourages a full night’s rest so that your body can fully recover.

Why Should I Choose Nature’s Script CBD Sleep Gummies?


While there are plenty of sleep aid options available, no company is more committed to helping you receive a healthy and natural night’s rest than Nature’s Script. Our sleep gummies with CBD utilize the highest-quality ingredients so that you receive a genuinely beneficial slumber. Nature’s Script’s melatonin-infused gummies use premium CBD sourced from Industrial Hemp grown on federally licensed American farms. Every batch of raw CBD we receive is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to show it contains less than 0.3% THC – the federal legal limit – and is free of any pesticides, heavy metals or unwanted contaminants.

We manufacture our CBD Sleep Gummies in-house using Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), so you don’t have to worry about other facilities or companies handling your products. To ensure each batch is consistent, our in-house quality control team conducts in-process checks, finished goods tests and stability studies. Our QC process also includes a quarantine period while we await verified results of our sleep gummies from an ISO-certified third-party laboratory. Once the third-party lab results meet our quality and potency standards, we publish them online for you to access.

Nature’s Script also has an experienced compliance team ready to meet any new regulations that occur in the ever-changing CBD industry. All our products are truthfully marketed and accurately labeled with the exact CBD concentration, additional ingredients, supplement facts, FDA disclaimer and unique QR code.

The next time you’re in your bed lying awake at night, try Nature’s Script’s sleep gummies with CBD for a natural way to receive a quality night’s rest. Establish a balanced sleep schedule today and become the happiest and healthiest version of you!


How to Pick a Safe CBD Product

How to Pick a Safe CBD Product

How to Pick a Safe CBD Product Banner

By now, you’ve probably heard of CBD’s natural wellness properties and how the compound can help support a better night’s sleep or relieve your after-work stress. What you may not know, however, is how to differentiate a safe CBD product from a potentially harmful one. There are many variables when it comes to choosing a quality and reliable CBD product, especially when the industry remains unregulated by the FDA. Factors including sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, compliance and lab testing will all play a role in picking a safe CBD product.

This can put a lot of pressure on the consumer to do extensive research before finally choosing the right CBD company. Luckily, Nature’s Script™ has everything you need to consider when shopping for quality CBD products. Continue reading below to learn how to pick a safe CBD product with our five-step checklist.

Your Safe CBD Product Checklist

Don’t let stylish packaging, unproven claims and low pricing persuade your decision-making process. If you’re using a CBD product to assist your health and wellness, you’ll want to know exactly how it is created from seed to sale. Follow Nature’s Script’s five criteria for guaranteeing a safe CBD product.

1. ) Responsibly Sourced Hemp-derived CBD 

Safe CBD products start with responsibly sourced Hemp grown on licensed farms. The 2018 Farm Bill paved the way for U.S. farmers to cultivate, possess, sell and distribute Industrial Hemp legally. Industrial Hemp must contain less than 0.3% THC by dry weight to be considered federally legal in the United States. While the opportunity to grow and buy U.S-sourced Industrial Hemp has expanded, many companies still choose to import their Hemp from overseas. Sourcing CBD from outside of the U.S. can be dangerous due to a lack of regulations and different safety standards.

Farmers who grow Industrial Hemp in the U.S. must follow strict USDA guidelines and provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for all raw CBD. COAs ensure that each batch of raw CBD contains less than 0.3% THC and is free of any mycotoxins, pesticides, heavy metals and other unwanted contaminants.

Recap – Look for a company that clearly states where it sources its Hemp-derived CBD from. You’ll want to choose a CBD company that partners with a licensed American farm that provides a COA with every batch of raw materials.

2.) Products Manufactured In-House

Knowing that your health and wellness products are manufactured in one location can be a huge relief when shopping for a safe CBD product. The more facilities that handle your CBD products, the more room for error. CBD companies that manufacture their products in-house have complete control over their production process – while companies that outsource the manufacturing will not have this advantage.

Along with in-house manufacturing, you’ll want to check to see if the company uses current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). Good Manufacturing Practices are regulatory standards that ensure safe and consistent product quality in the U.S and are enforced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to protect consumer health. Since the CBD industry is still mostly unregulated, cGMPs provide the proper steps when dealing with raw materials, equipment, employee practices, sanitization and reports.

Recap – Choose a CBD company that manufactures its CBD products in-house. Knowing that a company’s CBD products are formulated on-site using cGMPs is an added benefit in ensuring the strength, quality and purity of your product.

3.) Dedicated Quality Control and Compliance Team

Protecting the consumer’s health is of the utmost importance, especially regarding products that can benefit the user’s well-being. For CBD products, strict quality control standards must be implemented to guarantee a safe CBD product. Quality control processes should include raw material testing and verification, in-process testing, finished goods testing, stability studies and a quarantine period.

As CBD’s popularity has grown, so have the number of detailed guidelines established by states for production, packaging and marketing. CBD companies must have a proactive mindset and look to similar FDA-approved industries when meeting state requirements. Compliant CBD companies will stay up to date on product packaging, best manufacturing practices and proper marketing methods. Be aware that companies may cut corners to save costs while also marketing their products using unproven claims.

Recap – Do your research and choose a CBD company with a team of experts dedicated to upholding rigorous quality control measures. Additionally, you’ll want a company that is well versed in working with the FDA to stay on top of all current and future regulations.

4.) High-Quality Ingredients 

Another essential aspect you will want to look into before purchasing a safe CBD product is whether any additional ingredients are used. Added ingredients may counteract the natural properties of CBD and negatively affect your health. You’ll want to choose a CBD company that uses high-quality ingredients to provide you the full benefits of CBD.

Recap – Thoroughly read the product label of your CBD product to make sure it doesn’t contain unwanted or unsafe ingredients. Ask your prospective CBD company about any ingredients that you may think are potentially dangerous.

5.) Third-Party Lab Testing 

Lab testing is an absolute must when it comes to picking a safe CBD product. Do not give a CBD company a second thought if they cannot provide you with verified lab tests. The only way you’ll know that your CBD product matches what’s listed on the label is through a certified, full-panel third-party lab test COA. Full-panel third-party lab tests will show the exact CBD concentration, additional cannabinoids, detectable Delta-9-THC levels, potential mycotoxins, pesticides and unwanted contaminants.

Recap – When it comes to picking a safe CBD product, make sure the company provides verified third-party lab test COAs. For complete transparency, lab tests should be published online for you to access at your convenience.

Does Nature’s Script Meet the Five Standards for Safe CBD Products?

Since Nature’s Script was founded in 2018, we have made it our mission to craft the highest-quality CBD products available. We uphold stringent standards from seed to sale to deliver safe CBD products. We source our raw CBD from reliable, licensed American farmers who grow their Industrial Hemp using sustainable methods. Our raw CBD always comes with a COA to ensure each batch contains less than 0.3% THC and is free of any unwanted contaminants.

We manufacture our CBD products in-house using cGMPs to uphold the consistency and integrity of every product. Our experienced compliance team keeps us updated on all industry trends and regulations, so we can modify our production, packaging and marketing when needed.

We utilize the highest-quality ingredients when formulating our premium CBD products so that you can obtain the full benefits. To certify the potency and quality of our products, our in-house quality control team conducts in-process checks, finished goods tests and stability studies, accompanied by a quarantine period while we await results. We verify our results by partnering with an ISO-certified third-party lab testing facility. Once we receive each batch’s test results, we publish them online for you to access. This gives you complete transparency about your CBD product and its cannabinoid profile. Additionally, you can access your product’s independent lab test by scanning the unique QR code on the package.

When it comes to premium CBD products that can support your health and wellness, no company is more dedicated to providing consistent, quality and safe CBD products than Nature’s Script.