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Fix Back Pain Without Prescription Drugs

Tips for Improving Back Pain

Back pain can be mild for some and debilitating for others. It can be caused by a variety of factors such as age, lifestyle choices and disease. It is also one reason many people look to alternatives to prescription or OTC pain relievers, such as by incorporating CBD as part of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Continue reading to learn four tips for relieving back pain, including more information on how CBD is used by those who suffer from it.

1. Improve Your Posture

Poor posture puts extra strain on your joints and muscles that surround your neck and spine. This strain can lead to increased pain and even injury. While poor posture is a common cause of back pain, fixing it can prevent back pain now and in the future.

Examine How You Spend Most of Your Time

Whether your job requires sitting or standing for long periods of time, implementing ergonomic strategies can improve your back pain. If you work in an office, an ergonomic desk and chair setup can help. Place your computer screen at eye level and sit with your legs uncrossed and your head directly over your shoulders — keeping your spine as straight as possible. “Tech neck,” resulting from a forward-head posture, puts strain on your neck and back. If your job requires standing for long periods of time, adjust your posture so that you’re standing tall, keeping your spine in a straight line. Keep your head directly over your shoulders and your feet shoulder-width apart.

Set Reminders

Post a sticky note to your desk at work or set reminders on your phone to help you be more mindful of your posture throughout the day.

Use a Posture Corrector

Wearing a posture corrector is a subtle way to help you practice proper posture throughout the day.

Move Often

When you’re sitting or standing for long periods of time, it’s easy to shift into a posture that’s more relaxed and comfortable. Slouching causes other muscles and joints to overcompensate and can perpetuate pain and fatigue in your back and neck. Take a few minutes per hour to move around and stretch to avoid stiffness.

Thanks to muscle memory, the more you practice correct posture, the less you’ll find yourself defaulting into a slouched position.

2. Live an Active Lifestyle

Exercise can strengthen weak muscles and improve mobility in your back. Certain exercises and stretches can alleviate back pain. Incorporate a variety of strength, flexibility, balance and endurance exercises to experience optimal benefits.

Since your musculoskeletal system is interconnected, an imbalance can manifest as other problems. Weak core muscles cause the surrounding muscles to overcompensate, leading to muscle strain and fatigue. Strengthening your core muscles will help support your spine. Stretching can loosen tight muscles that may be putting strain on your back. Exercise and stretching can not only heal but also prevent back pain from recurring.

When it comes to staying fit, the soothing properties found in CBD products can help with the recovery process. As important as it is to live an active lifestyle, it’s equally important to make time for rest and recovery to avoid injury.

3. Eat a Healthy, Well-Balanced Diet

Sugary, processed foods perpetuate inflammation — to which the body’s natural response is pain. Research suggests that eating healthy, anti-inflammatory foods can alleviate back pain, improve your overall health and lower your risk of chronic disease. A diet rich with calcium and vitamin D can improve bone health and reduce the likelihood of back pain now and in the future.

Smoking is highly associated with back pain. It contributes to increased inflammation and heightens the risk of disease and disc degeneration. Obesity is also a risk factor for back pain. Living a balanced lifestyle with healthy foods and regular exercise can mitigate the risk of obesity and the illnesses that can result from it.

4. Try CBD Topicals to Find Relief

CBD topicals are products that you apply to your skin. These topicals can be used to target a specific area and provide anti-inflammatory effects. Some contain only CBD extract, while others are formulated with additional ingredients such as essential oils, arnica, lidocaine, methyl salicylate or menthol to aid in muscle and joint recovery and soothe soreness and inflammation.

Some people incorporate CBD topicals into their workout routine, while others use CBD products on an as-needed basis partly because of their many benefits. Most topicals can be applied multiple times throughout the day to provide the relief you’re looking for, when you need it.

Choosing Premium CBD for Your Back Pain

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