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CBD Lab Testing

CBD Lab Testing

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CBD products are still largely unregulated, leaving many consumers skeptical about the purity and quality of their products. At Nature’s Script, we make sure our products go through rigorous testing to guarantee the CBD product you are using has the correct CBD dosage labeled and does not contain harmful chemicals or toxins. Here’s why our lab testing methods are superior to any other CBD company:


The quality of a CBD product starts with the souring of premium raw materials. Nature’s Script sources our Hemp Extract from reliable American farms that come with a certified certificate of analysis. The certificate of analysis provides information regarding the purity of our CBD, as well as the levels of pesticides, heavy metals and other residuals. This process ensures that our raw CBD meets our standards and is safe for human consumption.


After we receive our raw CBD certificate of analysis and it meets our quality standards, we can manufacture our products. Throughout our production process, we conduct internal reviews for consistent quality control. Our products are manufactured in-house, which gives us the ability to review and test all final batches. Once they are approved, we send our final products to a third-party lab to verify their consistency. We publish our third-party test results online and make them available to you for transparency.


We implement strict guidelines in the sourcing, production and manufacturing of all our CBD products so that they are the same every time. Our multi-stage lab testing validates the pureness of our CBD and assures you that you are receiving a premium, pure and natural product. Our thorough process allows us to maintain the quality of our CBD from the time it is extracted, stored and reaches your front door – every time.

All in all, we try to stay as transparent as possible to benefit your overall health and wellness. We will be adding QR codes to each of our products in the future. QR codes are scannable images that will take you to exact batch and date in which your product was produced. You can scan these codes from either your iPhone or phone application. QR codes also provide you with the quality and purity of CBD and other ingredients in your CBD product. Always check back for new information regarding our sourcing methods, extraction process, lab testing and new product launches.


Can CBD Help Combat Fibromyalgia?

Can CBD Help Combat Fibromyalgia?

CBD for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia proves to be one of the most puzzling disorders, as researchers are still trying to pinpoint its exact causes. Since fibromyalgia is a difficult disorder to diagnose, many have a hard time trying to find the right therapy to combat its symptoms of widespread muscle pain and fatigue. Recently, CBD has become one remedy showing promise in relieving the mental and physical ailments that characterize fibromyalgia. Below you will find more information about this condition and how CBD for fibromyalgia is a potential option to help manage its symptoms.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a condition categorized by widespread musculoskeletal pain and can be classified as a psychosomatic disorder. Psychosomatic disorders often originate from mental strain or stress that eventually lead to physical pain or illness. Research shows that fibromyalgia disrupts signals sent between your brain and nervous system causing pain sensations to become more severe. Symptoms of fibromyalgia often arise from physical trauma, surgery, infection or significant psychological stress. Over time, these symptoms may worsen and accumulate. While there is no cure for fibromyalgia, there are medications and exercise techniques that can alleviate its symptoms.


Common symptoms of fibromyalgia include:

  • Widespread muscle and joint pain – Fibromyalgia may reduce pain tolerance and cause relentless aches throughout the entire body.
  • Constant fatigue – People diagnosed with fibromyalgia report that they wake up tired and have sleep disrupted due to the discomfort.
  • Insomnia or trouble sleeping – Continuous nerve pain hinders one’s capacity to fall asleep and get a full night’s rest.
  • Loss of focus (known as “fibro fog”) – Pain sensations inhibit the ability to think clearly, maintain attention and concentrate.

What Causes Fibromyalgia?

As mentioned in the opening statement, doctors aren’t precisely sure what causes fibromyalgia. Current research shows that the condition arises from a variety of factors. The leading fibromyalgia causes include:

  • Genetics – Family history of fibromyalgia increases your likelihood of developing the disorder.
  • Prior Health Concerns – Previous painful diseases or infections can lead to fibromyalgia’s development.
  • Physical or emotional trauma – PTSD, surgery, mood disorders, car accidents and more can trigger fibromyalgia.

How is Fibromyalgia Commonly Treated?

Since there is no cure for fibromyalgia, it requires both medication and self-care to control its symptoms. Over time, the combination of these two treatments can help limit the way your brain sends and receives pain signals. Treatments include:

  • Medications – Pain relievers, anti-depressants and anti-seizure drugs
  • Therapy – Physical therapy, regular exercise and counseling

Can CBD Help Combat Fibromyalgia?

CBD has the potential to combat fibromyalgia due to the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Earlier in the article, we touched on the fact that fibromyalgia is a psychosomatic disorder, which directly relates to Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CED). When your body doesn’t produce enough endocannabinoids, it causes mental and physical imbalances. These imbalances result in psychological factors that cause physical symptoms. CED can lead to emotional trauma or stress that then causes the widespread muscle pain that fibromyalgia patients face.

Introducing CBD into your daily regimen may help your body produce a consistent level of endocannabinoids to carry out the ECS’s functions. When your ECS functions properly, it allows your brain and nervous system to send signals accurately.  CBD also possesses natural anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiolytic properties that can help combat the muscle inflammation and mental strain that characterizes fibromyalgia.

Studies on CBD and Fibromyalgia

In 2016, a study was published regarding Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency and its connection to treatment-resistant syndromes such as fibromyalgia. Current research identifies that evidence of CED is present in fibromyalgia patients. Studying the body’s spinal cord and its use of endocannabinoids showed that neuropathic pain occurred in patients with low levels of endocannabinoids. Patients with fibromyalgia who were introduced to cannabinoids during the study saw a significant decrease in their pain and stiffness, as well as an enhancement of relaxation and their overall wellbeing.

A more recent study in 2019 tested the effects of Cannabidiol in rats with chronic muscle pain disorders. The results showed that the injection of CBD provided relief for similar fibromyalgia symptoms without any central side effects.

Nature's Script Recommendation to Fibromyalgia Patients

CBD affects everyone differently, so when it comes to CBD for fibromyalgia, you may need a trial and error period. Some CBD products work better for others, similar to how certain medications are either effective or noneffective. We recommend combining our CBD Oil, CBD Pain Freeze and CBD Capsules for the best possible results. Our premium CBD Oil can be taken throughout the day to combat muscle and joint pain while also providing a clearer state of mind. Nature’s Script CBD Pain Freeze is a perfect topical solution to cool and reduce joint and muscle pains at any time. Taking our CBD Capsules before bed may help alleviate relentless aches that keep you up at night.

For further information about our CBD Oil, CBD Pain Freeze and CBD Capsules, check out our helpful blogs below to find out why CBD for fibromyalgia is a potential remedy.

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Setting the Industry Standard

How Nature's Script is Setting the Industry Standard

setting the industry standard

Within the past few years, the CBD market has flourished for growth and opportunity. Some have referred to CBD as a “miracle compound” due to its potential medicinal benefits that include pain relief, better sleep, lowered stress, improved workout recovery and more. The knowledge of CBD’s therapeutic potential has created a vast demand for the natural, non-psychotropic compound. With little to no FDA regulation, though, the CBD market has seen an influx of CBD companies only looking to cash-in rather than uphold specific standards.

When it comes to a product that can assist your health, you want to know how the product is made and the precise ingredients within it. Nature’s Script has been at the forefront of the CBD industry, providing Hemp education and transparency while also producing premium CBD products. Read below to learn why our 5-step process sets us apart from every other CBD company and how we have been setting the industry standard.

Setting the Industry Standard

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Superior CBD

From the very beginning, Nature’s Script has partnered with experienced American Hemp farmers. We source our organic, Industrial Hemp from California, Colorado and Kentucky farms that only use sustainable practices. They use eco-friendly methods that maintain healthy soil. This means that our Industrial Hemp grows in soil free of pesticides, heavy metals or any other harmful chemicals. The Industrial Hemp plants we source all contain a certificate of analysis to ensure they meet our quality standards.

Look out for companies who source their Hemp from outside the United States. While importing Industrial Hemp from overseas is an alternative option, it is much harder to uphold the quality and reliability of the plant.

In-House Manufacturing

At Nature’s Script, we manufacture all products in-house in our 45,000 square foot production facility. Our team of compliance and manufacturing experts follows strict quality control measures throughout the entire production process. Our quality control measures include the testing, weighing, calculating, and review of our raw materials (Hemp Extract) and final products. We have multiple checkpoints set up throughout our in-house manufacturing process to maintain total quality control. A Near-Infrared Spectrophotometer (NIR) positively identifies each material. We guide the production of each product via an official Batch Production Record (BPR) of a previously approved Master Manufacturing Record (MMR). These records outline product formula, as well as the total amounts of each material to be weighed. Refraining from outsourcing our manufacturing processes limits our risk of shipping delays and product errors.

Consistency in Lab Testing

While we have multiple quality control checkpoints, Nature’s Script still conducts multi-stage lab tests. As mentioned above, all of our raw materials include a NIR scale to identify their quality and purity. After product production, we conduct in house lab tests as well as third-party lab tests that you can find published online. Our lab tests give you concreate data regarding the validity and superiority of our CBD products. All products are accurately labeled containing their desired ingredients and milligram concentration. Whether it’s our CBD Oil or CBD Gummies, you can check online or on the packaging for the correct labeling.

Shipping & Customer Service 

We do our best to try and provide the utmost transparency as a premium brand. Nature’s Script Blog is dedicated to an assortment of articles regarding product education (“How Do I Take CBD?”), CBD legality (“Is Hemp Oil Legal?”) and up-to-date information on the industry (“Can I Fly With CBD?”). Our customer service team is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry and always available. Don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff, as they genuinely look forward to informing you about the benefits of CBD. We also offer multiple shipping methods.

We have set the industry standard as a CBD company, and we intend to continue paving the way for the industry in the future. Nature’s Script takes pride in being able to provide you with the therapeutic potentials of the Hemp plant through our premium CBD products.  CBD contains many beneficial properties that may provide greater overall health and wellness. We understand that Hemp Extract products will affect everyone differently, but we hope you give us a try and join us on a journey to total relaxation and comfort.

4 Ways to Help Reduce Your Pets Anxiety This Fourth of July

4 Ways to Help Reduce Your Pet's Anxiety this Fourth of July

how to reduce your pets anxiety fourth of july

The Fourth of July can bring out the worst in your pet’s anxiety. New faces, large crowds, and the firework show at night can all raise your pet’s stress. If you have a pet, it’s always best to keep his best interest in mind if you are hosting an event or leaving for the night. Nature’s Script has four helpful ways to keep your pet’s anxiety in check this Fourth of July weekend.

Nature's Script 4 Fourth of July Tips

1.) Exercise – Take some time in the morning or early afternoon to walk or play fetch with your furry friend. Letting your pet exercise before the festivities start may help tucker him out. Tiring your pet out will allow him to sleep through all the commotion and reduce potential outbursts.

2.) CBD Pet Oil – Giving your pup CBD Pet Oil may significantly benefit him on one of the loudest days of the year. CBD Pet Oil has the potential to reduce your pet’s anxiety and provide an overall aura of calmness. Whether you give it to him directly from the dropper or sprinkle it on his favorite food, CBD Pet Oil is an option you may want to try this Fourth of July weekend.

3.) Safe Space – If you do choose to keep your pet inside, set up a relaxing and comfortable room for him to stay. Keeping your pet away from unknown guests will help reduce his anxiety levels. You’ll want to make the safe space soothing with his favorite toys and treats, while also checking up on him periodically.

4.) Stay by His Side – The best way to limit your pet’s anxiety this Independence Day is to stay by his side. If you’re hosting a party, keep him close with a leash or in a secure area you can easily monitor. If you do choose to stay home during the firework celebration, let your best buddy remain by your side. Your assurance and love will help him understand that the loud noises are not harmful to his safety.

Have a Wonderful Fourth of July

It’s important to note that more pets run away on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year. Another great tip is to make sure your pet has the proper tags and up-to-date contact information in case he ends up getting lost. Helping reduce your pet’s anxiety will not only make his Independence Day enjoyable but it will also help reduce any stress you have. Give our Hemp Pet Oil a try so that your furry friend may find total relaxation and comfort this holiday season.

Don’t forget Nature’s Script has a Fourth of July sale running from 7/4-7/7. Use the code FREEDOM28 at checkout to receive 28% off your entire order. This is an excellent opportunity to stock up on you and your furry friend’s CBD needs.