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CBD for Recovery

CBD for Recovery

CBD for recovery is one of the potnetial benefits of using CBD products. If you live an active lifestyle and continuously put wear and tear on your body, you will want to find products that help relax your muscles and joints. Nature's Script offers premium CBD products to get you back in the action. Our CBD Pain Freeze is a topical gel that you can use to target aches and pains with the cooling sensation of menthol. Whether you're looking to start your day off on the right foot or end your night in comfort, you can use our CBD Pain Patch for long-lasting relief. If you need to revitalize your day, we've also got you covered. Use our CBD Essential Oil Roll-On for an invigorating on-the-go aromatherapy experience.

CBD Pain Gel for Recovery

Soothe aches and pains with the cooling sensations of our CBD Pain Freeze. Enhanced with menthol and premium CBD, our rub is sure to help improve your recovery after a strenuous yoga session or gym workout.

CBD Pain Patch

For long-lasting recovery and relief (up to 8-12 hours), try our easy-to-apply patches that combine the power of CBD with lidocaine and menthol. Throw a pack of these patches into your gym bag for a simple, mess-free method for post-workout relief.

CBD Essential Oil Roller Focus Blend

Regain your focus with our aromatherapy roll-on. We blend CBD with the revitalizing scents of fresh citrus to awaken your senses. Portable and potent, these rollers can be a quick pick-me-up to keep you moving throughout the day.