Nature's Script Holiday CBD Gift Guide

Nature's Script Holiday CBD Gift Guide

Follow Nature’s Script's Holiday CBD Gift Guide to find the perfect present for all the special people in your life. We made find finding a gift easier than ever this year. You can shop our premium CBD products by price and by stocking stuffers. We also have product recommendations for specific lifestyles, including wellness, fitness, slumber and relaxation. After all, the holidays are much more enjoyable when you feel your best and are in total comfort.

Give the gift of Nature’s Script to show your friends and family that you truly care about them this holiday season. With Nature’s Script premium CBD products, we guarantee that your gift won’t go unused or regifted. Spread holiday cheer with our gift guide by introducing those you hold dear to a world of health and wellness benefits.

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CBD Gifts for Wellness

CBD Gift Guide Wellness

If you have a friend or a family member who works tirelessly throughout the year but is conscious about maintaining their health, we have a selection of premium CBD products for them. Show appreciation to those who work the hardest in your life by giving them a present that helps them feel their best year-round.  Our original CBD Gummies are tasty, bite-sized chews that feature 15mg of CBD. These gummies are an easy and tasty way for your recipient to achieve their health and wellness goals. If they are familiar with CBD's effects and benefits, we recommend our High Potency Gummies that hold 30mg of premium CBD per tasty chew.

If your friend or family member prefers a more versatile CBD product that allows flexibility in serving size, then our line of CBD Oils is an excellent option. Our CBD Oils are equipped with an easy-to-dispense dropper for easy measuring. We offer five different potencies ranging from 300mg to 5000mg – perfect for first-time CBD users or those who use CBD daily. With two unique flavors, your loved ones can take our CBD Oils sublingually or add them to their favorite food or beverage.

Another fantastic CBD gift for wellness is our CBD Capsules. Our capsules are easy-to-take, digestible capsules that feature 15mg (original) or 30mg (high potency) of premium CBD each. Additionally, our CBD Capsules contain essential nutrients like calcium and magnesium to boost overall health and wellness. Make sure the one you love feels their best every day with one or more of our CBD gifts for wellness.


CBD Gifts for Fitness

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If you know someone who loves to exercise or keep active, we have exactly what they need to stay on top of their game. We know that staying fit can put wear and tear on the body, so we’ve formulated a line of CBD Cryotherapy Pain Relief Gels for recovery. Our bestselling line of CBD Pain Gels offers soothing relief from aches, strains and muscle pains. The properties of menthol, combined with premium CBD, offer cooling support from physical discomfort.

CBD Gifts for Slumber

CBD Gift Guide Shop Gifts for Slumber

We all know someone who tosses and turns all night or channel surfs until they fall asleep with the remote in their hands. Help your friends and family obtain the slumber of their dreams with one of Nature’s Script’s CBD gifts for sleep. Our CBD Sleep Gummies are a fan favorite because of their delicious taste and soothing blend of CBD and melatonin. CBD’s calming properties help quiet your mind while the natural sleep aid melatonin lulls you into a peaceful slumber. Our sleep gummies support a natural and healthy sleep schedule to help you fall asleep quicker and wake up feeling rested.


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Benefits of CBD

CBD continues to be one of the most popular health and wellness products, and rightfully so. CBD is an all-natural compound known as a cannabinoid. We obtain our CBD from high-quality Industrial Hemp grown on American farms. Many have reported that CBD has provided a multitude of benefits, including stress relief, increased comfort, total relaxation and more. CBD is non-intoxicating and will not cause any feelings related to a "high." Our premium CBD is sure to be the reason you and your family members jingle bell rock this season!