Nature's Script Resale Policy

Re: Unauthorized sale of Nature's Script products

Cease and Desist: You have been sent here because it has come to our attention that you are selling Nature's Script products on eBay and other websites without our permission. We consider these activities unlawful and in direct violation of company policy. These activities violate company policy in the following ways: 

Theft: Nature's Script considers any unauthorized transaction involving our products, online or otherwise, without our consent to be theft. If you are not an authorized reseller of Nature's Script products, you are in direct violation of our company policy, and we will do everything in our power to shut these sales down, including initiating legal action against you.

Licensing: Only licensed retail stores and/or distributors are authorized to sell Nature's Script products. Licensing may include EIN number and other state certifications. Nature's Script does not make any B2B sales to businesses without these certifications. Because we do not sell directly to, nor contract with vendors for the sale of our products on eBay, we can virtually guarantee that any company that sells our products on eBay is doing so without our authorization. Both primary and secondary sales of Nature's Script products on eBay is strictly prohibited.

Integrity: At Nature's Script, we work hard to maintain the consistency and integrity of our brand, and provide our customers with the highest level of product and service. Unauthorized third-party sales diminish the reliability of our brand, wrest control of our consumer experience away from us, disrupt our distribution network, and negatively impact our manufacturers. For the reasons set forth here, Nature's Script does not permit the sale of our products on eBay or other websites. Failure to comply within seven (7) days of receipt of this notice may result in legal action against you or your company. Nature's Script reserves the right to seek the maximum damages and compensation permitted by law and/or equity.

Disclaimer: This page is intended for consumers re-selling Nature's Script products online. If you are a consumer making a one-time sale, please contact our corporate office at 800-713-6405 for more information on our refund policy.