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CBD Capsules vs. Oil

CBD Capsules vs. CBD Oil

CBD products come in many forms, and Capsules and Oils are two of the most common. Each type has its own benefits, and choosing the best match for your needs can make it easier to stick to your wellness routine. Whether you need something quick and convenient, simple and flexible, or the quickest way to absorb your CBD, read on as we discuss the differences between CBD Oil vs. Capsules and which one is the best fit for you.

What are CBD Capsules?

CBD Capsules are pre-measured servings of CBD extract in an easily digestible pill that you swallow. They come in a wide range of potencies, and some also include other supplements like calcium and magnesium to support your overall health.

Taking CBD in capsules brings the compound into your body through your digestive system. From there, it enters your bloodstream and interacts with receptors throughout your body and brain. It can take a while to start feeling the effects of CBD Capsules — up to an hour or more — but the relief tends to last for several hours. Some people find that taking CBD Capsules daily for several weeks provides stronger results than just using CBD from time to time. Having their serving in convenient, pre-measured capsules often makes it easier to maintain a consistent routine.

Everyone’s body reacts to CBD in a unique way. Some people find it makes them a little sleepy, and they take it an hour or two before bedtime to get a better rest. Others find that CBD makes them feel alert, and they take it in the morning to feel calm and composed through the workday. Depending on how much CBD your body needs, you may find that taking capsules twice per day suits you.

Research has found that your body absorbs and responds better when you take CBD with food, especially fatty foods like peanut butter, almonds or cheese. Thus, many people take their CBD capsules with a snack.

Pros and Cons of CBD Capsules

The benefits of CBD Capsules include that it is:

  • Pre-measured for a quick routine that’s easy to maintain
  • Portable, so you can take one before a stressful meeting or after the gym
  • Tasteless, for those who dislike the flavor of CBD

Drawbacks of using CBD Capsules include:

  • Takes longer to feel the effects
  • It’s harder to adjust your serving size

What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is another popular form of the supplement. It contains CBD mixed with a carrier oil, such as coconut MCT, grapeseed or olive oil, which dilutes the extract to a point that’s easier to measure and digest. Many CBD Oils also have natural or artificial flavorings to make them tasty, and some consumers like to mix them into healthy recipes to add extra nourishment to their mindful diet.

CBD Oil is incredibly versatile, because not only can you swallow it to get long-lasting benefits, but you can also take it sublingually, where you hold it under your tongue for 60 to 90seconds before swallowing. This lets some of the CBD penetrate the thin membranes in your mouth and enter your bloodstream directly, and helps the effects take hold more quickly. Some people find that the sublingual method lets them feel their CBD working as quickly as 15 minutes, compared to one to two hours by normal digestion.

A big part of optimizing your CBD approach is determining the right amount for your body and needs. Research has found that everyone’s body reacts differently to CBD, and experts recommend that you start with a low serving and increase a bit each day until you get the effects you want. This makes CBD Oil a preferred place to start for beginners since you can measure each serving according to your needs. Once you know how much CBD your body needs, it’s easier to choose pre-measured products like Capsules.

Pros and Cons of CBD Oil

Advantages of CBD Oil include that it can be:

  • Absorbed sublingually for faster effects than capsules
  • Measured each time to easily increase or decrease your serving
  • Mixed into foods for better digestion and nourishing comfort

Disadvantages of using CBD Oil are that it is:

  • Not as quick to consume as capsules
  • Not as easily portable
  • Prone to have a strong taste

How to Choose Between CBD Capsules and CBD Oil

Choosing between CBD Capsules and Oil is a matter of finding the method that best fits your lifestyle. If you don’t have time for a complicated routine and want a quick, tasteless, portable way to take your CBD, Capsules can be a great choice. If you want a more versatile format that you can absorb more quickly, helps you zero in on exactly how much CBD your body needs and lets you integrate CBD into your healthy diet, you might prefer an Oil.

No matter which format you choose, Nature’s Script™ offers a variety of premium CBD products that are third-party tested by an ISO-approved lab, so you can be sure you’re getting the amount of high-quality CBD you want. Explore them today, and find your own personal approach to wellness.