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What is CBD Oil?

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol, widely known as CBD, is a popular wellness supplement that is used to support a person’s overall health. CBD oil products have gained momentum in the health and wellness world over the past few years, as new scientific evidence has been brought to light about the positive effects of CBD, such as for promoting relaxation and calmness.

While there are many forms of CBD products to choose from, including topical and edible CBD products, CBD Oil, which is also sometimes referred to as CBD tincture, has its own set of benefits that are enjoyed by health-conscious individuals. For instance, CBD Oil is one of the purest forms of CBD available, thanks to its minimal ingredients. CBD Oil generally consists of pure CBD extract, a carrier oil (to aid in absorption) and natural flavors to enhance the taste.

Since CBD is a fat-soluble compound, it must be combined with carrier oil to metabolize in the body. Nature’s Script uses MCT oil and grapeseed oil as our carrier oils of choice in premium CBD tinctures. MCT oil is commonly extracted from coconut oil and helps increase the body’s energy levels and limit bacterial growth. Grapeseed oil, which is extracted from the seeds of grapes, is a rich source of Vitamin E and antioxidants.

What Is CBD Oil Good For?

CBD is known to aid in a variety of therapeutic needs, including stress relief, better sleep, and an overall health and wellness boost. CBD Oil works in conjunction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which maintains homeostasis and regulates many other important bodily functions. The ECS is made of receptors and molecules that bind to affect change in the body. When CBD enters the ECS, it interacts with other molecules in order to potentially provide a number of health and wellness benefits. These benefits include the promotion of a calm and relaxed state, better sleep, stress relief and more.

How Can You Ingest CBD Oil?

The most common way to use CBD Oil is sublingually, or underneath the tongue. To ingest the oil, simply drop your desired dose under your tongue and hold it there for one minute to 90 seconds. Sublingual consumption of CBD Oil allows the salivary gland’s membranes to absorb the oil’s active ingredients and bypass the digestive system and liver metabolization. Sublingual delivery admits CBD directly into your bloodstream and speeds up its interaction with your endocannabinoid system. Despite its benefits for bioavailability, some users who don’t prefer the taste of CBD Oil might consider CBD Capsules instead.

How Much CBD Oil Should You Use?

The amount of CBD Oil you ingest will depend on the potency of your CBD Oil, your desired goals and on how your body responds to CBD. When you purchase a CBD tincture, you will need to look at approximately how many milligrams of CBD is in each droplet and the nutrition label’s suggested serving size. Additionally, ask yourself what you hope to achieve with CBD. If you are looking for an energizing boost that helps clear your mind of stress, you may want to use a smaller than recommended serving size. On the other hand, if you have trouble falling asleep at night and have used CBD before, you may want to use a few drops of CBD Oil. It all depends on what you hope to achieve and the CBD tincture’s recommended serving size.

How Can You Incorporate CBD Oil Into Your Day?

Since most CBD Oils come with a dropper, it’s easy to add CBD Oil to your meals and beverages, which is another popular method for using CBD Oil. Below are examples of how you can incorporate CBD Oil into your wellness regimen any time of the day.

Take in the morning to help wake up

Although CBD is widely known for its calming effects, CBD Oil in small amounts can help you feel alert, energized and less stressed out about the day ahead of you. If you’re not a morning person, you can drop a smaller-than-average serving of CBD Oil in your nutrition-packed morning smoothie or favorite breakfast meal, like avocado toast. These options can serve as a healthier wakeup call alternative in the morning instead of your typical cup of coffee. One tip to remember when using CBD Oil in foods and beverages is to avoid using it with recipes that involve heat, as CBD Oil may begin to lose effectiveness or taste bitter once it reaches a certain temperature — so you’ll want to avoid cooking with CBD Oil, like mixing it with eggs cooking on the stovetop.

Use in the afternoon to relieve work-related stress

We all get stressed out from time to time, and a common driver of stress can be work. If you find that workday stress becomes hard to manage, a small serving of CBD Oil in the afternoon can help curb midday worries. CBD Oil’s natural calming properties can help promote peace of mind and make your day more pleasant to work through. You can easily administer a few drops of CBD Oil under your tongue at your work desk, or you can prepare a CBD Oil salad dressing for a refreshing and healthy addition to your lunch.

Ingest in the evenings as a relaxation or sleep aid

Since CBD’s more powerful and well-known benefit is that it can promote a sense of calmness, it’s no wonder that CBD Oil fits seamlessly into a nighttime routine. According to the American Sleep Association, CBD may improve sleep. CBD may be especially helpful for those who struggle with insomnia, a study by Medicines journal finds. Taking higher doses of CBD Oil at night has been shown to promote relaxation, both physically and mentally, according to case studies. As an alternative to administering a few drops underneath your tongue, you can add CBD Oil to your evening tea, like suggested in this CBD Oil green tea recipe. There is still more research needed to prove a definitive link between CBD and sleep, but the linked studies above provide supporting evidence.

Is CBD Oil Addictive?

CBD can be derived from cannabis or from Hemp plants. CBD Oil products that contain minimal to no THC are typically derived from Hemp. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, data shows us that higher concentrations of THC are a concern for developing dependency. THC is the compound that creates feelings of a “high” and appears on drug tests, so it is vital for CBD Oils to contain low quantities of THC to be approved by the FDA.

Industrial-grown Hemp contains extremely low quantities of THC, or even no THC at all, while containing high quantities of cannabidiol, making it the preferred ingredient to extract CBD from to ensure a safe, legal and non-addictive CBD Oil product.

Where Is CBD Oil Legal?

In the United States, Hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0.3 percent THC are legal on a federal level. However, state laws vary, so it is always best practice to check your state’s regulations when it comes to CBD, especially if you are planning to travel with CBD.

When purchasing CBD products, it is important to ensure that you are buying high-quality CBD that is derived from Industrial Hemp and not from cannabis. This distinction became very important with the 2018 Farm Bill, which removed hemp from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act and made industrial hemp farming legal.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Everyone?

Generally, CBD Oil with 0.3 percent THC or less is safe for most people to take. However, if you are pregnant, nursing, have or suspect a medical condition, or are taking any medications, you should consult your primary care physician before taking CBD. For instance, CBD may increase the levels of blood thinner coumadin in your body or increase levels of other medications in your blood. CBD may also interact with warfarin, an oral anticoagulant.

What are Potential Side Effects of CBD Oil?

No two people will tolerate health supplements alike, and some potential side effects of CBD that may occur if you do not tolerate it well can include nausea, fatigue and irritability. That is why it is always recommended to try small serving sizes of CBD Oil if it’s your first time, which is a good general rule of thumb when introducing any type of new supplement to your lifestyle.

How Can You Determine If CBD Oil is High Quality?

Since dietary supplements are not regulated to the same scrutiny by the FDA as with medications, it’s important to verify if your CBD products are being tested by a certified, independent third-party lab to ensure quality and potency of ingredients.

Some other questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a CBD product are:

  • Where is their CBD sourced from?
  • How is the CBD extracted?
  • Where were the CBD products manufactured?

Transparency is crucial in the CBD industry, and the answers to these questions should be readily available from the manufacturer, such as on the company’s website. If a CBD seller cannot provide this information to you, it may be best to steer clear.

How Should You Choose CBD Oil?

The most difficult part of choosing the right CBD Oil is ensuring that the company you’re purchasing from is reputable. Your health and safety should always be the first concern when choosing a CBD Oil. Once the important piece of vetting a company for reputability is complete, you’ll want to consider these factors to choose the best CBD Oil for your goals.

CBD Potency

When purchasing CBD Oil, you’ll see varying degrees of potency. At Nature’s Script, we offer concentrations of CBD Oil that range from 300mg to 5,000 mg of CBD per 1 fluid ounce bottle. If you’re completely new to CBD, it may be best to buy a product with lower potency, and from there assess if you’d like to move up in potency.

Flavor Options

If the idea of using CBD Oil in recipes for your meals and drinks interests you, then you may want to take a look at recipes before making a purchase to determine which flavors will work best for you. For example, if you plan to take CBD Oil in the evenings with your cup of tea, a flavor like peppermint may give you the most palatable combination.

At Nature’s Script, we take transparency, safety, and quality seriously. Our CBD Oils are tested from plant to production, and we strive to make all of this information easily accessible on our website FAQs. If you’re ready to begin a healthier and happier lifestyle with CBD Oil, you can browse our premium CBD Oils here.

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