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CBD Rub for Pain Relief

CBD Rub for Pain

CBD Rub for pain is one of the most popular remedies for those who put constant stress on their bodies. Whether you like to stay active, have a physically demanding job or your joints and muscles aren’t what they use to be, Hemp CBD Rub offers a cooling solution for a variety of pains. Topically applied, CBD Rub for pain can be used at any time to deliver almost instant relief from aches, cramps, strains and more.

How Does Topical CBD Rub for Pain Work?

CBD is capable of providing you with topical relief thanks to the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is a collection of cannabinoid receptors known as CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors situate themselves in the brain and central nervous system – which monitors motor activity, pain reception, stress response and memory. CB2 receptors are distributed throughout the body’s peripheral organs – maintaining the function of the immune, muscular and cardiovascular systems.

Topical CBD Gel for pain works with your CB2 receptors which are present in almost all of your skin cells. Your ECS naturally produces endocannabinoids to combat inflammation and pain throughout your body. When you apply Hemp CBD Rub, it binds to the CB2 receptors on your skin. This process alerts and increases the activity of cannabinoids within your body to help relive varying degrees of pain.

What Types of Pain can CBD Rub Potentially Help?

Daily Aches

No matter your line of work, if you find yourself dealing with soreness at the end of a long workday, our CBD Pain Rub can be a great way to find relief. Reducing your discomfort after work may even help you get a better night's rest, which can help you recharge and wake up ready to tackle whatever the next workday has in store.

Post-Workout Pain

Dealing with stiffness or soreness after an intense workout at the gym or a long jog through the neighborhood? Try our CBD Pain Rub as part of your post-workout regimen and you may experience relief and a quicker recovery so you feel refreshed and ready for your next exercise session.

Joint or Muscle Injuries 

Applying CBD Rub for pain on your throbbing joints and muscles has the potential to provide immediate cooling relief. CBD works with your ECS’s CB2 receptors to regulate your body’s pain sensations. Using CBD Pain Rub daily can potentially heal and strengthen your muscles and joints over time.



CBD Rub for pain is a handy topical solution to always keep around for your pain and soreness needs.

Perfect for nagging pains on the golf course or after-workout therapy, Hemp Extract Pain Rub has all the potential to be your new go-to therapeutic relief.

Nature’s Script CBD Pain Relief Gel targets complex and stubborn pains with no significant side effects. Let us know on social how you use Hemp CBD to stay fit!

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