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Hemp CBD Capsules

Hemp CBD Capsules

Hemp CBD Capsules are easily digestible capsules that can potentially enhance your overall health and wellness.  According to the preliminary results of CRN’s 2018 Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements, over 75 percent of adults take some form of dietary supplement. The survey also found that adults who take supplements were more likely to develop healthy habits such as exercising regularly, getting a good night’s sleep, eating healthy and more. While Nature's Script Capsules are not a dietary supplement, they may offer necessary health benefits. Hemp CBD Capsules have the potential to help you establish a healthier lifestyle and boost your overall wellness.

What's in My CBD Capsules?

Before you consider buying any CBD product, make sure to research it thoroughly. CBD is a natural compound that has the potential to benefit your health, so you will want to certify that any additional ingredients will be valuable to your health as well. Nature’s Script Hemp CBD Capsules include the following ingredients:

Premium Hemp Extract

Also known as, CBD, Hemp Extract is a cannabinoid found within the Hemp plant. Nature’s Script derives our Hemp Extract from the Industrial Hemp plant. We work with American farmers who use eco-friendly methods to yield the highest quality Hemp. Nature’s Script ensures you that the Hemp Extract we use in our Hemp CBD Capsules is of the highest quality and potency. Hemp Extract contains components that can potentially relieve stress and anxiety, promote calm and relaxation and more.

White Willow Bark

Referred to as “nature’s aspirin,” White Willow Bark comes from the branches of several varieties of the willow tree. White willow bark has been used for centuries as a natural pain reliever. We add white willow bark to our Hemp CBD Capsules to help enhance CBD’s potential in relieving discomfort brought on by a variety of causes.


Turmeric is a flowering plant that has many benefits including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Used for centuries as a nutritional supplement, Turmeric may ease inflammation, stomach, skin, liver and gallbladder problems. Together, Turmeric and CBD can deliver the health and wellness boost you may need.


All living organisms require Calcium, an essential mineral to your body’s health. Calcium is the main element in building your bone health and regulating muscle contractions. Calcium is chock full of Vitamin D, and you can find it in most dairy products, nuts, seeds and green vegetables. If you don’t eat any of these foods, our Hemp CBD Capsules are a great way to attain your daily Calcium needs.


Similar to Calcium, Magnesium is a vital mineral for the growth and development of your bones. Magnesium also helps maintain the proper functioning of your nerves, muscles and other parts of the body, so it plays a significant role in your health. To avoid magnesium deficiency, try taking our Hemp CBD Capsules daily for potential improvement in your heart health and overall wellness.


What Will Hemp Extract Capsules Provide Me?



Atlas recently surveyed adult Americans to see why they were trying CBD.

Among the most common reasons for trying CBD were relaxation, sleep improvement and stress, anxiety and pain relief. CBD has the potential to benefit each of these areas because of your Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

Not only does your ECS regulate your pain response, stress signals and recovery, but it also maintains your sleep-wake cycle.

We recommend taking Hemp CBD Capsules daily because Hemp Extract works cyclically with your ECS.

Taking Hemp Extract Capsules daily can potentially boost your focus during the day and promote more wholesome rest at night.

Your body operates on a biological clock and CBD can help influence a more efficient daily routine.


Nature’s Script strives to provide you with most potent and premium CBD Capsules. We go the extra mile by working with experienced and dedicated Industrial Hemp farmers who only use sustainable methods. Our Industrial Hemp grows in soil free of pesticides, heavy metals and toxins. We use a specialized extraction method to derive our premium CBD that contains less than 0.3% THC. All of our production and manufacturing is done in-house, giving us complete quality control over every single CBD product. We also have our CBD products tested by unbiased third-party labs to ensure their quality and potency. Reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for any questions or product updates.

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