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Hemp Education: Earth Day

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Let’s return to our roots this Earth Day and integrate Hemp products into our daily lives. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day is an annual environmental awareness event that takes place every April 22. Earth Day initially took place in the United States and has since become a nationally recognized day of education for ecological issues and conservation. Past celebrations have brought attention to environmental dangers such as industrial pollution, use of pesticides, carbon emissions and much more. In recent years, Earth Day has become more focused on finding solutions about how to leave our planet better than we found it. This Earth Day, Nature’s Script is raising awareness about one of the most versatile and valuable plants on our planet – Hemp. This crop has been around for centuries assisting our environment and benefiting people through Hemp products.

Hemp History Lesson

Dating back to 8000 BCE, Hemp was one of the very first crops used in the regions of Asia. Hemp products were an integral part of early society. Civilizations would use hemp seeds to craft clothes, shoes, ropes, paper and hemp oil for foods, moisturizers and rubs. Dubbed the “King of Seeds,” Hemp would eventually spread across all continents and even be used by our Founding Fathers, who used Hemp paper to draft the Declaration of Independence.

Hemp did face adversity in 1970 when it was unjustly classified as a Schedule 1 drug. The Controlled Substance Act imposed strict regulations on the sourcing and cultivation of Hemp. Fast-forward to 2015, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act revitalized the plant, allowing farmers to grow and cultivate the multipurpose crop legally. Today, Hemp products are federally legal to sell and consume throughout the United States. The Hemp plant has become highly touted for the environmental and medicinal benefits it can provide.

Check out why Hemp is such an essential plant to our community and your overall wellness below.

Benefits of Hemp & Hemp Products

Food Source – Hemp seeds are incredibly nutritious and can be turned into a variety of foods. The seeds of Hemp contain a valuable oil, known as Hemp Seed Oil, that is high in omega-3 fatty acids. This bond of atoms provides powerful health benefits for your body and brain. Hemp Seed Oil packs essential nutrients that scientists believe can help provide a number of health and wellness benefits.

Products – The durable Hemp fibers can be turned into a variety of products like building materials or household objects. All parts of the Hemp plant can be used to manufacture things such as electronics, cars, houses, clothes and more.

Positive Environmental Impact – One of the greatest attributes Hemp has is sustainability. You can easily recycle and reuse Hemp products. Hemp is 100% biodegradable, which means it can break down naturally and not cause any harm to the environment. Hemp also has a high biomass, allowing it to provide nutrients for other plants, outcompete weeds and reduce carbon emissions.

CBD – One of the primary compounds found within the Hemp plant is a cannabinoid known as CBD. CBD is a natural compound that carries a multitude of potential health benefits for humans.

All in all, Hemp is one of the most significant natural plants we have on Earth. We should not take the Hemp plant for granted and is why we are celebrating it this Earth Day. Educate those around you and teach them about the positive environmental impact Hemp can have. If you are looking for a boost in your overall health and wellness, check out Nature’s Script Hemp products.


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