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How to Find Your CBD Product's Batch Number

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Our top priority at Nature’s Script has always been to provide you with high-quality, reliable CBD products. We make it fast and easy for you to verify this for yourself through accessible third-party lab test results on our website. Read below to find out how to locate your product’s batch number, verify its Certificate of Analysis (COA) and view third-party lab test results. Find your Nature's Script CBD lab test results with your product's batch and these three easy steps.


Step 1

Locate the batch number of your CBD product – usually found on the back or bottom of the product. Once located, enter your product’s unique series of characters into the Enter Batch Number… field on our CBD Lab Testing Results page.

Step 2

Alternatively, you can find the QR code located on your CBD product’s label and scan it with your smartphone. Once the QR code is scanned with your phone’s camera, you will be able to click a link that will take you to our CBD Lab Testing Results page. Most smartphones have built-in QR readers that will pick up the unique code or you can download a QR reader application from your phone’s app store.

Step 3

Either way, you will need to enter your product’s batch number once you’ve reached our CBD Lab Testing Results page. This will allow you to access your specific product’s COA and verify the raw CBD used in it. You will also be able to access your product’s third-party lab test results which validate its quality of ingredients.

Example Batch Numbers

CBD University, Episode 9: ABCs of a COA

For a more in-depth explanation of what COAs are and what you should be looking for, listen to our podcast – CBD University, Episode 9: ABCs of a COA. In this episode, Margaret Richardson, our vice president for regulatory, quality and compliance, discusses how to analyze a COA and how it helps ensure the quality and compliance of our products.

Nature’s Script goes the extra mile to uphold our plant-to-product quality guarantee, because we know that’s your utmost concern when shopping for CBD.  


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