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World Health Day

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World Health Day started in 1948 when the World Health Organization (WHO) decided to raise awareness for global health. Every year, this day aims to draw attention to a worldwide health issue, cause, organization or institution. Previous years have included raising awareness for polio (1995), mental health (2001), making hospitals safe in emergencies (2009) and diabetes (2016).

April 7th is a day where we can all come together to share ideas, educate and communicate the importance of healthcare for every individual. 2019’s campaign centers around bringing recognition to universal health coverage. This year focuses on helping everyone gain access to reliable health services without having to worry about their financial wellbeing. After all, health is a human right.

Here are a few ways that you can raise awareness for World Health Day.

1.) Discuss

Whether the problem involves long lines at the doctor’s office, rising medication costs or unhappy medical professionals, discussion opens the door to allow us to identify a problem. Once a problem is detected, we can work together to understand the barriers that may be causing a healthcare issue. Without discussion, we are unable to make the changes needed to move forward.

2.) Educate

At least half the world's people to do not receive the essential healthcare they need. The more you inform yourself about universal healthcare, the better suited you will be to understand the hardships individuals face.  Educating yourself gives you a stronger roadmap on how you can achieve your goal to raise awareness.

3.) Share Your Story

Communicate your experiences with healthcare and medical institutions. Sharing your knowledge and opinions may allow you to connect with other individuals who have the same goal.  Your story can help spark a campaign or movement that rallies your community to work towards improving a current healthcare problem.

4.) Get Involved

When you get involved this World Health Day, you get an understanding of what it takes to make a change. You are also able to identify what prevents individuals from receiving the care they need. Talk to members of your community, workplace and local government to establish a plan. When you take and demand action, you are able to develop solutions.

5.) Vote

Most importantly, be active and make sure people hear your voice. Research candidates that maintain healthcare as a top priority. Encourage your friends to do the same. Nothing can change without strong action, and it starts with exercising your right to vote.


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