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Hemp Health Benefits

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Hemp is a crucial player in the natural health market because of its health properties. Research suggests that Hemp health benefits may include a better night's sleep, calm and relaxation, optimized well-being and more. Hemp isn’t just for those with health issues – anyone can experience Hemp health benefits.

What Is Hemp?

Hemp has been a resource for thousands of years dating back to 8000 B.C.E. Its strong fibers make it an ideal material in the auto, clothing, and construction industries. The U.S. Hemp Industry is responsible for $500 million in annual revenue. Not to mention, Hemp can proliferate in adverse climates and is naturally resistant to many pests. Because of its multipurpose nature, you can use Hemp for fishing gear, clothing, paper goods and more.

Nature's Script Hemp

Hemp is often confused with its sister plant Marijuana, but the two differ in their chemical composition and properties. The Hemp plant contains only trace amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical compound associated with a “high,” while Marijuana plants contain up to 35 percent THC. As a result, Hemp is federally legal.

Nature’s Script Hemp Extract is extracted from high-quality Industrial Hemp using a specialized extraction method. We grow our Hemp in the U.S., and our farmers use environmentally friendly, sustainable practices. Our products contain premium Hemp Extract and all our products are tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure you are getting a high-quality product, free of unnecessary chemicals and harmful additives.

Hemp Health Benefits

The Hemp plant has several components that can promote overall wellness, but while all parts of the plant prove beneficial, Hemp Extract will provide maximum Hemp health benefits.

We can feel Hemp health benefits because of the Endocannabinoid System, or ECS. The ECS is a network of chemical receptors that interacts with natural cannabinoids, chemical compounds produced by the body, and plant-derived cannabinoids to maintain body balance. Because Hemp is a cannabinoid, it can work to regulate and improve bodily functions.

Nature’s Script Hemp products may result in better sleep, reduced stress and an overall sense of calm and relaxation. All our products provide Hemp health benefits; however, everyone reacts to Hemp Extract differently, and some products may more closely fit your needs.

Hemp Oil

The simplest form of Hemp Extract, we comprise our CBD Oil from Hemp Extract, MCT Oil, and Grape Seed Oil. Taken sublingually, or under the tongue, this product is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, resulting in overall relaxation. Hemp Oil is available in higher potencies for those who want a stronger serving size, and it comes in six delicious flavors.

Hemp Gummies

These colorful and chewy gummies taste delicious and can promote restful sleep. Taking one or two gummies daily can help relieve stress and anxiety, promote calm and relaxation and improve your overall wellness.

Hemp Capsules

Nature’s Script Hemp Capsules are easy to take and may provide antioxidant benefits. Like all Nature’s Script products, these capsules can bring Hemp health benefits like stress relief and calmness. Many customers also report feeling more focused after using our capsules.

Hemp E-Liquid

One of the most common ways to take Hemp Extract is through vaping. Inhaling Hemp Extract allows you to feel the effects almost immediately. This product is perfect for those who experience flare-ups of stress and anxiety, as it produces the quickest effects. Our products are free of nicotine and other harmful chemicals. Nature’s Script offers E-Liquid in three delicious flavors – juicy watermelon, fresh mango, and blueberry jam. Vaping is a relaxing experience as well as produce the benefits associated with regular Hemp Extract use.

Hemp provides an alternative for those looking for a health solution without harmful additives or chemicals. Be sure to talk with a medical professional if you have questions about how Hemp could interact with your current wellness plan. Hemp health benefits aren’t just for those who are feeling unwell -- anyone can benefit from this “miracle compound.”

Hemp Extract can encourage better sleep, promote calmness, and improve immune function – qualities that everyone can benefit from. We source Nature's Script products from high-quality Hemp Extract and the quality is transparent. Our customers come to us for our delicious flavors, the variety and quality of products. If you are having trouble finding the right product, our customer service representatives can help you choose the best product to fit your specific needs. Read about ways that Hemp Extract can help you jumpstart your morning.


  1. Sean, HEMP is a new magic wand. It just has so much to offer. It can work tremendously well for health and well being. Quite helpful and easy to follow info. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Hemp Gummies are just Love!!!!!

  2. I found it interesting that you state that hemp extract can help improve bodily functions. My brother has been having problems with falling asleep so I have been helping him look into different ways to fix it. I will send him this information so he can make sure to add CBD hemp extract to his list of options.

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